Mandalpatti : A hidden treasure of the Ghats

             I strongly feel …...Coorg is the only place in Karnataka where I can dwell rest of my life enjoying the enchanting beauty of the place.

                Flash back.......

                My previous visit to Coorg turned out to be a wonderful bliss.

               Though there were many bachelors in the gang, the trip seemed more like a family one. My role resembled that of a tourist guide. I directed them to some of the well known tourist places of Madikeri which I usually do not opt during my solo visits  :-P

               After a night's stay in coorg we planned to visit abbe falls early morning. 

                  Unexpected meeting sometimes can become a reason for joy.

               Let me justify this......

             When my crew got down from the bus and headed towards the waterfall.... ..i continued listening to the songs from my iaudio ...  I felt a bit lazy to step out and bargain with the jeep drivers who helped the tourists to reach the waterfall. I realized that it was the best time for me to relax and took a small nap.

             My sleep was distracted and I woke up when the fellow tourist buses started honking to the top of their frequencies. Seemed I might not get back the sleep and i stepped out in search of our driver so as to discuss, with him, the routes to our next destination.

              I turned round and round but the search ended up in vain.        

           Besides the parking lot I saw a petty shop that was crowded. I walked towards it to en-quire whether they had any clue of our driver. Ramesh, was the first to respond to my words and told me that he had seen him going towards the village to fetch some drinking water and would definitely be late. In the meanwhile I ordered a cup of coffee and continued my chat with Ramesh inquiring about the geography of the place.

             Ramesh was the proud owner of a jeep. He had dedicated most of his time to serve the tourists and tourism of the place. Tourists used to hire his jeep making him to  act both as a driver and a guide. The source of his income was the money that he received from these tourists.

              As we continued peeping into each other's experiences......

              For the first time I heard about a hill station named Mandalpatti which was shot in many of the local movies and was packed with lush greenery and scenic beauty.Ramesh used to do the strenuous task of accompanying people to Mandalpatti, driving his jeep on the remote and least known kutcha roads of coorg. I felt the place to be worth visiting and i sneaked in to collect the complete details.

              As our discussions continued....

            I started gathering all those chunks of data that I got from Ramesh and mapped  it into a proper plan with the aim of accomplishing the peak. Accommodation bothered me....but even that was cleared when he promised me to arrange a safe roof above our head to camp overnight.

             My heart started pounding realizing the fact that my new Yamaha engine was going to hit the roads for a long ride.

            By the time my gang returned from the waterfall, I had a complete itinerary of my next ride. I promised to see Ramesh soon and left the place to join my gang.

           The trip turned out to be a great success. Especially for me it was of full satisfaction..,not because of the places i visited but for the plan that I had come up for my next ride..

             With complete itinerary in hand , I just waited for a proper weekend to execute my plan.


            Early morning of Saturday...four of us started our ride from Bangalore after filling the tanks to their capacity . We had plenty of time in hand. But to avoid the busy roads of Bangalore we left early to join the “Mysore-Bangalore corridors of prosperity”.

             Prior to this we had contacted Ramesh and had inquired his availability. He had stood by his words and had told that he would arrange everything before our arrival.He had even given us the exact directions to reach his place.

            As Mandalpatti was the only destination in our mind....time wasn't a constraint. All we were supposed to worry was to reach there before sunset. The place was very remote and Ramesh's house was located amidst the forest, near to the hills. Finding any helping hand after sunset was close to nil and we were not ready to afford any risks at that time..        

            Our ride included many stops for refreshment. We started spending most of our time on the sides of road than riding on the roads ... All we did was to sit on the bikes and chat.. pulling each others legs. We also began recollecting some of the enjoyable events from the past that four of us had together.


Refreshment stops+Reminiscence

             After a very long , non strenuous ride, we entered the coffee country. For our astonishment, instead of the sweet smell of coffee ,the citrus smell of oranges welcomed us. For each and every 100 meters of our ride,on the sides, we found orange waalas selling their produce. Oranges were harvested from their local plantations. Fruits were soooooo fresh. We were unable to resist the sight of huge lumps of them. We got them at a cheaper price, so we filled our bags completely ....(looked enough for our 2 days diet).


Orange waalas

             We had our lunch in one of the well known restaurants of Coorg. Though we never asked Ramesh to arrange food along with our accommodation ...we hoped, he would have considered that as our secondary need. We did not spend time asking people for the confirmation of our route. Instead we called Ramesh and discussed regarding how to locate his place in that outlying area.


         Mandalpatti is nearly 20 kms away from the heart of Madikeri. Initial path en routes Abbe falls. A kmstone before the waterfall is the indication to deviate right. Initial 10km of the stretch is a well maintained road. If am not wrong this road probably connects a major place(Might be a taluk) with Coorg. Riding seemed to be a cake walk. But the real challenges started when we astrayed from this and took a completely different path uphill. Roads were completely worn out with the stones completely popped out of the ground. Felt like cursing the road authorities for not laying a proper road at this place. Riding on these kutcha was too difficult as the front tires started moving off the track and we were forced to take pit stops at regular intervals to inspect the condition of those tires. Since the day I bought my bike, for the first time, I fell off breaking a rear view mirror and an indicator.


Kutcha Roads


       A view of the Ghats


             But I was never programmed to give up.....

             We continued ….  enjoying each and every moment of our ride and the beauty of the place. Steep rise,down-slopes,ride through the streams gave us a thrilling experience. The track just reminded me of my adventure in Bisile ghats of Somwarpet. The place was serene, wild and weathered. The canopy was thick. The flora and fauna were abundant. Many forms, many varieties. Some of which we had seen, and some were absolutely new. Whatever form they were in, they looked stunning when they were in full bloom.


Stream across our path


             It was almost 6 and the sun was moving down the horizon when we reached the intended place. Ramesh's cousin, Vijay, welcomed us. Though we came uninformed about arrangement of food ..he served us with coffee and some munches. We never expected a hospitality of that kind. He even arranged a bucket of hot water to freshen ourselves.


Ramesh's place


           The peak of Mandalpatti is nearly 4 kms from the place where we stood. Vijay advised us not to ride further as the track is a mere jeep one and  riding through these slippery path is quite risky. Any damages to the bike can be managed but the ones to our bodies can turn fatal as the nearest medical aid was in Madikeri .We opted to cover those 4 kms on foot.

             Dusk approached and the temperature started dropping down.


Our Tent


              We postponed our task of accomplishing  peak to the morning....Instead, we chose to stroll around reminiscing. By the time we settled in our tents ,the sun had completely set. Pitch dark surrounded us. There were some drastic changes in the environment  and  it took us some time to cope with those. We managed to rest in our cozy and warn sleeping bags. By the time we woke up our dinner was ready to be served. Even Ramesh joined us on the table. He had come back home after finishing his routine work. We wondered how these guys were so adjusted to their surrounding that they never wrapped any extra piece of cloth around their body like us. We wore layers of jackets and thermals to keep ourselves warm .We spent some time with Ramesh's family and got back to our camp.

                It was a night of gale force winds. I only dreamt of negatives and odds .My subconscious mind witnessed our bikes and tents  being carried away by those blustery winds by forcing me to become a silent spectator. It was dreadfully cold outside. Thank god!! that we had carried our Sleeping bags, else we would have become victims of  hypothermia.

               The next morning we took up our march silently with the dawn. It was ice cold outside and we tried all possible tricks to warm ourselves up. We were on comparatively high altitudes. We marveled at the sun peeking over the horizon. The sky was turning pink with the light of the sun coloring the clouds above with a pinking hue. As the sun slowly ascended, the sky in the west turned neon blue as the light reached further out. Consecutively, for the third time..we witnessed the majestic view of sun rising over the ghats.


Way to the peak


Way to the peak


                We rested for a while on the watch tower of the peak and witnessed the majestic views of the ghats.


A view from the peak


                   By the time we returned, the pinkish sky had turned pale yellow mixed with  blue. We enjoyed the sight of that.

                   We freshened up and  had a cup of coffee. We whole heartily thanked Vijay and Ramesh for the hospitality that they showered upon the complete strangers in the past 24 hrs.  Soon after having our breakfast , we back packed and started our ride back. In the end we were only left with loads of memories to cherish.



How to reach ?

Bangalore -> Madikeri ->(towards abbe waterfall)-> Mandalpatti

Note : Enroute abbe waterfall and deviate right at a Kmstone.


Western Ghats are the

Western Ghats are the PARADISE for Trekkers!
Please drop your number on which i can reach. Beautiful Blog! way to go (y). Planning this monsson to trek here.

Hi.. Puneeth is no longer in

Hi.. Puneeth is no longer in India so i do not think his number can help. you can drop your queries in comment and i will try to get those answered.

+- Vishnu

I had amazing weather when I

I had amazing weather when I visited. It was rainy plus foggy. Made this video.

Thanks for sharing the video

Thanks for sharing the video Arun. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

Nice clicks buddy. Thanks for

Nice clicks buddy. Thanks for sharing this post. Actually i am planning to go to Madikeri next week so i was exploring the way how to go there. I got your blog and it is very useful, Thanks again.

Will ask puneeth to answer

Will ask puneeth to answer this query. I do not think Mandalpatti is connected with public transport.

Hi Puneeth: Is there a public

Hi Puneeth: Is there a public transport bus / taxi  to go to Mandalpatti from Madikeri? If public transport id avlble, when is the earliest one should board it at Madikeri so we dont end up at Mandalpatti at dark. Thanks and regards - Shankar

Will  ask puneeth to answer

Will  ask puneeth to answer these queries.

Hi, i Love this place when it


i Love this place when it was raining..

Last time when i went for Coorg, i missed this place...Next Visit for Sure Visit for this Trek...

Good to see such a blog..




CHeers Bro,

Ravi CHandra..

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

How far is it from where you

How far is it from where you stayed?

Hi Tejas, Its just 4 kms from

Hi Tejas,

Its just 4 kms from where we stayed. We had walked till the end!!

Puneeth Nv

How far is the mandalpatti

How far is the mandalpatti view point from the deviation we take at the milestone on the abbey falls road? Is it possible to walk till the view point from that see jargon?

Hi Tejas, View point is

Hi Tejas,

View point is nearly 15kms from that deviation!! Its walkable from where we guys had stayed and even there is a motorable road till the end (but not in a good condition)!!

Puneeth Nv

Sir can I get the phone

Sir can I get the phone number of Ramesh

9483234500. try this!!

9483234500. try this!!

Cannot resist driving to

Cannot resist driving to Mandalpatti after reading your blog.Starting from Mysore in this season can one reach the peak travelling as far as possible by bike & rest by foot and come back the same day to Mysore.What is the terrain like to the peak from where you stopped your bike, it is all uphill till the peak?

Hi Roybath, I believe its

Hi Roybath,

I believe its raining heavily in Madikeri this season!! better not to take the risk!! however, once the season is done and the land dries up, u can plan a day round drip on bike. Advice u to leave mysore as early as possible. Do not wait for the sun to rise.

As we were new to the place, we did not take the risk of riding till the end and hence we decided to walk.Apart from few hurdles in the middle, careful driving can take u till the peak.

Try visiting Kote abbi falls as well.
Happy journey!!

Bro...... Good one... I have

Bro...... Good one... I have seen in your eyes whenever you used to mention about this place how excited you were...Smile .. Hope I will be able to join you for your next adventure... Smile

The coffee country is luring.

The coffee country is luring. The way you write about your adventures truly speaks of your love for the wilderness. Coorg is alluring. I visited it quite some time back.
Ramesh's place seems to be at such a scenic location! Reading all of it makes me want to rush away from city life!

Keep writing

Thank you Akanksha.

Thank you Akanksha.

Hope you guys had a great

Hope you guys had a great fun!I wish you all the best for your upcoming journeys as well. Coorg is one of my favorite place in Karnataka.

Like always, you robbed me

Like always, you robbed me with your superb articulation... you are getting outstanding in story telling....kept the pace of the blog beautifully....

"But i was never programmed to give up" --- I'll agree.... Smile

Photographs are lovely...

You are lucky to visit some of those unknown treasures of Western Ghats which others have not even heard of.... an adventurous tale it was..looking forward for your next story...

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