Lost in Translation : Chapter two Rameswaram / Dhanushkodi

Rameswaram Temple Rameswaram India
                                                          Rameswaram Temple

Chapter two Rameswaram : One state transport bus connects Kanyakumari to Rameswaram.. There is just one direct bus between these two sacred towns and it passes through madurai....locating and boarding that bus was bit painful as none was understanding me and vice versa...

Sea Salt Production Plant near Rameswaram
                                               Sea Salt Production Plant

Landscape of Tamilnandu varies from banana,coconut,date vegetation to barren arid fields sometimes...sometimes i was crossing those bridges on back water... sometimes passing the thin estuaries merging to the sea..sometimes i was witnessing sea salt production plant on road side...at times bus was stopping to some humid town stinking with stale fishes.....I had great difficulty finding vegetarian lunch those days as most of the restaurants were closed in the afternoon from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM... it was a whole day journey to Rameswaram and turned extremely tiring...scenic landscape was the only driving force at the end of famishing journey...finally the travel was folded to Rameswaram....


Pamban Bridge Near Rameswaram
                                               Pamban Bridge Near Rameswaram

It was already dusk and again getting a place to stay was pretty difficult for a solo traveler in Rameswaram. I was perspiring badly and stinking as well. On the top of everything, with continuously skipping meals,  i was living on the verge of starvation...despite all the odds, I took a bathe soon after lodging at a nasty place and then visited world famous Rameswaram temple. Rameswaram Temple is one of the most significant and holiest temple for Hindus. Rameswaram is a very small town with cramped lanes and it's not blessed with a wide range of restaurants. dinner at the most expensive restaurant in Rameswaram cost me 65 Rs. Only rice based cuisines were available and i was indifferent to the meal..starvation makes everything delicious..After tiring and eventful day, I had a deep sleep in the night..


Rameswaram Island from Ramarpaadham Temple
                                               Rameswaram Island from Ramarpaadham Temple

next morning again i got up pretty early and hired an auto to visit some of the the places in and around the rameswaram island....Rameswaram's beach is generally fully occupied with pilgrims..First place i visited in the morning was Ramarpaadham Temple...from the roof top,I was able to get a semi aerial view of the entire rameswaram island..after that I started for the most buzzed about place of the island... Dhanushkodi


Dhanushkodi Beach near Rameswaram
                                                               Dhanushkodi Beach near Rameswaram

Dhanushkodi..its 18 Km far from the town and considered as the last point of the island where you can exactly see two joining seas...Beach at Dhanushkodi was simply superb...high current waves looked tempting to me for a bathe but i somehow restrained myself from getting wet...it was a white sand beach,mostly occupied by fishermen but still it was pretty clean and wide-spread.. after reaching Dhanushkodi,you need to get a mini-truck to a place called sangam...its a shared mini-truck where they take 80 Rs /person and mini-truck will not move from Dhanushkodi before boarding at least 20 people. On the left side of Dhanushkodi,you will see the shallow sea ( Bay of Bengal ) where one can walk miles easily on the sea crossing islands while on the right side it was roaring sea ( Indian Ocean ) petrifying humans with its powerful waves. Mini Truck dropped me to the village on the end of the dhanushkodi island. Dhanushkodi was once completely demolished by Tsunami.. walking further to the verge,you will see two joining seas. According to some unreliable resources Sri Lanka is just 18 Km far from this point. sun was brighter and stronger than all the places i had visited so far in Tamilnandu. Partially ruined temples in that pebbly landscape protected by the sea on two sides and sinking in the sea at one side were narrating their glory of existence. serenity was defining itself but unfortunately I could not spend much time there and returned back to Rameswaram city...again it was afternoon and getting lunch became impossible. i thought of waiting till lunch but preferred to travel to madurai...again i got a state transport bus to madurai from rameswaram...


Dhanushkodi Island : Rameswaram India
                                                   Dhanushkodi Island : Rameswaram

Dear Linda-Sama,

Dear Linda-Sama, Namaste! Greetings from someone who licluky happened upon your website. I felt compelled to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your trips to India.I have always wanted to go to India. Ever since I was twenty-four and accepted a spiritual master and was initiated by His Divine Grace twice and was given the spiritual name of Agastya Muni. That was after I spent a year in Viet Nam as a young Marine. So my early youth was quite busy with amazing adventures but, like I mentioned, I always felt regret because I have never been to India. Anyway enough about me. I am an old geezer now. Fifty-eight. I don't know if I'll ever be able to go to Delhi or see the Taj Mahal or visit South India like you. You are so blessed. I ofter wonder how it is that some individuals are able to travel to all of these holy places. You must have such wonderful good karma. I was sorry to read how you became ill on that last trip. Hopefully you will stay in fine health during this upcoming trip. Good luck Linda. I wish I could be going to India at the same time. You have a gift when it comes to writing and photographing interesting people and places. I enjoyed visiting your website.What I would give to visit Mathura! Orissa, Madras, etc. Well, take good care and have a wonderful upcoming visit to what I have always known since my twenties as being the holiest country in the world, Mother India. God Bless and Happy trails, Agastya Muni.

Check This Rameshwaram

Check This Rameshwaram Pictures Captured By Me

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