Lost in Translation : Chapter Three Madurai / Thanjavur

Meenakshi temple Madurai India
                                                        Meenakshi temple Madurai
Chapter three : Madurai/Thanjavur
Throughout the journey I was dozing till drizzling opened up my eyelids. By the time i reached Madurai, it started to rain heavily...madurai is a busy, crowded, dusty down with world famous Meenakshi temple...so without wasting my precious time I hired an auto to the Meenakshi temple....Temple's security is pretty impressive and erratic at the same time...I was carrying my laptop in one hand while offering my prayers to the GODs and Goddesses of big things. ...Meenakshi temple is beyond your imagination when it comes at its internal and external architecture. ..magnificent, vivid, colorful, intricate architecture.....Each panel on the external walls is meticulously fitted... colorful images of God and Goddess and various events from Hindu mythology are depicted on the friezes..Even Matchless beauty of Meenakshi temple could not hold me at Madurai for a night and I believe rain attributed more disappointment in my short stint to Madurai. But travelers should always be ready for the mixed experiences and most importantly to say "Good bye"... and now I was catching a bus to Trichy....

Meenakshi Temple Front gate : Madurai
                                                      Meenakshi Temple Front gate : Madurai
Trichy,September 2010. it was drizzling and i was on the verge of starvation ...in the entire journey all i was thinking of food. as i reached Trichy,I rushed to the nearest possible restaurant and ordered my very favorite meal on the road....Yellow Dal and Jeera Rice,2 Rotis...After food,shelter comes as second basic necessity to humans. Now a dramatic event took place in the search of an accommodation. I asked to an Auto wala to take me to a decent hotel. We both were unaware of each other's language so everything processed in a symbolic manner. and comedy of misinterpretation took place. He took me to a motel kind of place that was a bit far from the central of the city...I went upstairs..it was cramped like a prison and arrangement was deceptive. the moment i saw a middle aged woman with cunning look at reception,i realized that i am at a wrong place at wrong time... It was indeed a brothel and customers were lined up on a sofa waiting desperately for their turn...Seeing me with this much of luggage, most of them offered a devious smile which made be bit uncomfortable... I realized that its certainly not a lodge and then I got a glimpse of one middle aged woman in suspicious attire...  I sprinted back to the auto and asked him to drop me back to bus stand in 150 Rs...and this time he understood me correctly... I started pursuit for a accommodation own my own and was able to get a decent one by midnight. one exhausted day was over and the next one was tomorrow. unfolded everything... slept and slumbered...

Thanjavur Temple,Thanjavur India
                                                                          Thanjavur Temple,Thanjavur
I had not to wake up early this morning :)...there was no hurry for hopping a transportation or finding a restaurant. Life suddenly turned into an easy wanderlust. I boarded a local bus to Thanjavur. Thanjavur can be reached in nearly 90 minutes by the local buses. its on Madurai - Chennai route. Prime attraction of Thanjavur is Brihadishwara Temple...its a magnificent and massive temple...there are many temples scattered in the premises of Thanjavur temple. Thanjavur Temple a protected site from archeological survey of India. Brihadishwara Temple is relatively less visited by pilgrims and more popular among archeologists and research scholars. Temple premises are significantly large so you can easily find a good place to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of its unique architecture. After capturing some photographs and visiting Thanjavur temple,I headed to the main market of Thanjavur. my plan was to take lunch at one famous north Indian restaurant "Sarata" but unfortunately it was again 12:00 afternoon but fortunately it reopened at 1:00. so i got nearly 1 hour to roam around in the town of Thanjavur.

Brihadishwara Temple Thanjavur India
                                                        Brihadishwara Temple Thanjavur
After lunch I caught a bus to Kumbakonam. It was another 90 minutes bus journey from Thanjavur. Kumbakonam is relatively a huge town and famous for scattered Chola temples all around the region. In every lane of Kumbakonam,you will get a marvelous ancient Hindu temple. There are countless temples in the entire region of Kumbakonam and each has its own unique significance. I wasn't having enough time to explore entire region but i could sense it would be a worth exploration. I hired an auto and visited all the temples in Kumbakonam city. there are many temples in that region but a bit far from the kumbakonam city. it was already sunset so i decided to run back to Trichy. again a reasonably comfortable bus journey to Trichy and then to Bangalore...

Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam Tamilnandu India
                                                      Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam

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