Lost in Translation : Chapter one Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari : Main Market Kanyakumari Pictures
                                                              Kanyakumari : Main Market

Humidity expediting the conversion of water to the sweat on the eastern coast of India. a guy always nodding his head as a reply to all the questions been asked to him in that unknown language [Tamil]...sometimes buses were partially crowded and sometimes you can easily smell thousands different body odor. Well,I am unzipping my unforgettable solo journey experience through hot and humid Tamilnandu...

Kanyakumari Beach : Cape-Comorin
                                                      Kanyakumari Beach : Cape-Comorin


Chapter one : Kanyakumari : Well,everything started from the garden city of India [ Bangalore ]...On a pleasant evening, I boarded a bus to kanyakumari. it was not a luxury bus and duration of the journey was more or less flexible depending upon pit stops. I was bit nervous in the beginning about Tamil nandu. Sitting on the window seat is always a thought-provoking experience. when traveling in the night you hardly get a glimpse of the landscapes around you but your mind always keep making some dark pensive images. for me night was serene and with full of intangible answers. Thoughts were running in my head and making me awake and sometimes it was a thoughtless thinking. I was crossing pleasant Karnataka and entering into inclement Tamilnandu. I could easily feel sudden rise in the temperature when i reached Madurai by midnight. I truthfully appreciate recent effort from Indian Government on Highway constructions in India. Road to Kanyakumari was pretty decent and I was able to cover entire distance [ from Banglore to Kanyakumari ] in less than 15 hours...

A Distant View to Kanyakumari
                                                                           A Distant View to Kanyakumari

After Reaching Kanyakumari in the morning I needed to find a place to stay. If you are traveling alone,its very difficult to find a place in kanyakumari. Hotel owners association is having a rule in kanyakumari for not lending a room to a single person. Solo travelers commited suicide while in Kanyakumari which led to such arbitrary restriction. I found it pretty difficult after being rejected from some hotels but finally I had to pay little extra to get a room. Though it was a long journey and that too by bus but i was still not shagged as expected. Took bath in that pocket sized room which was indeed rejuvenating and then was ready for traveling and photography. Kanyakumari is a very small town with some hotels scattered on the coastline. but the pathways on the seaside are simply awe-inspiring. you can stare at Indian ocean or prefer to walk on the side of bay of Bengal or Arabian sea. no where else in the world you get this freedom to explore confluence of three great water bodies. i started off with a visit to Vivekananda Rock on a ferry. There was very long queue for the ferry and it took me nearly 2 hours standing a queue untill my turn. Viveknanda rock is on an island and that is some 200m far from the shore of Kanyakumari. Very close to Vivekananda rock, There is Thiruvalluvar Statue standing in the ocean on a rock but statue is inaccessible by ferries. One of the greatest spiritual mind of the world,Vivekananda once meditated on this rock. this place is generally crowded with tourists visiting Kanyakumari.


Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue at Kanyakumari
                                             Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue

After returning from Vivekananda rock,I thought of visiting the temple of Goddess Kumari in the afternoon but all the temples in Tamilnandu get closed from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (As God goes to siesta and it will be a sin to disturb the GOD) so i took a relaxing nap in that cramped hotel room. In the evening,I went to the Kumari temple which is relatively smaller but the beauty and tranquility inside sanctum sanctorum certainly made an impression. Unlike other parts, religious ceremonies were running silently. After visiting all the tourist places in and around the Kanyakumari,It was time for a break from the crowd or get lost in the crowd.


Coastline at Kanyakumari on Western Side
                                                        Coastline at Kanyakumari at Western Side

In entire evening,I was just wandering on the sea shore of Kanyakumari in a hope of locating confluence of three great seas but i was unable to make any difference. Differences,our minds are too persistent in finding one. it was overcast so i could not witness any sunset. Kanyakumari is among very few places in the world from where you can see the sunrise and sunset from the same place due to its unique geographic location. the beauty of the coastline in Kanyakumari is simply mesmerizing. After dinner,I found an isolated place on the pathway. It was the perfect place for gazing out to the Indian ocean. In between that pointless stare, I find something mocking at me in the night of starless sky. I wish to see beyond the ocean. to see another side of the world. but I was inhibited with my human incapabilities. certainly,Kanyakumari encapsulate something spiritual deep inside and far outside that has attracted some great minds of the Human race...


Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue in night Kanyakumari Beach India
                                          Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue in night

Next Morning I woke up very early to grace myself with a picturesque sunrise on the bay of Bengal at kanyakumari' coastline. I went to the shore just behind the temple. I was surprised and a bit disappointed to see maddening crowd there. I was expecting a lonesome date with rising sun but seems like whole Kanyakumari was sleepless for this moment. somehow managed to get a place for photography. morning was pleasant and rising sun was marvelous. I left the crowd on the shore and packed everything to start off for Rameshwaram...


Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue at sunrise Kanyakumari India
                                    Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue at sunrise

Hi, I want to take my parents


I want to take my parents to Kanyakumar. My father has movement problem.Do u think that the thought to take my father to Vivekananda rock is feasible? Kindly guid.e

There is a ferry till the

There is a ferry till the rock. I don't see any problem if you want to go there with your father. queues are sometimes long.

Hi vishnu,   Thanks for

Hi vishnu,


Thanks for information,  i am planning to visit kanyakumari with my parents next week, can u tell me how many days

will it take to cover all the major places in kanyakumari(surroundings too).and since its christmas session can we get accomidation easily..?

Accommodation should not be a

Accommodation should not be a problem. There are plenty of options in Kanyakumari. I think 2-3 days are sufficient to vist places around Kanyakumari

Thanks for such lovely blog

Thanks for such lovely blog with detailed information.

I am with my wife and kid. I want to go rameswaram from kanyakumari. Can you tell me some idea about buses or taxi fare one side.


Thanks in advance

There will plenty of taxis on

There will plenty of taxis on this route however i have done a whole day bus journey. When i visited there few years back, there was only one direct bus but now i think there would be many.

+- Vishnu

lovely description. I'm off

lovely description. I'm off to Kanyakumari next weekend.. Solo! I hope its exciting. Can u suggest some places to stay for a single person.

Hi Sudipto.... I am glad that

Hi Sudipto.... I am glad that you liked our travel blogs... There are many accommodation options in Kanyakumari specially near the temple on main street... these lodges will cost nearly 300 INR per person... it's difficult to get an accommodation for single person... i do not know the reason but they don't rent out rooms to single person... but keep trying at different hotels, you will definitely get one...

Hi Vishnu, I already managed

Hi Vishnu,

I already managed to get an accommodation in the TTDC hotel and it appears to be a nice place to stay overlooking the Arabian sea. Thanks for the information. Smile


cool... have an awesome

cool... have an awesome journey....

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