-- Lord Shiva's Hidden Jewel Revealed | MadhMaheshwar Expedition 2015 --

Satyam Shivam Sundram…Verbatim is not enough when Truth, Beauty, Eternity and Devotion can be seen all together. If by any chance you see it, you can very well name it as “Shiva", All in one. People acclaim holy dialects that delivers sanctity, but to me, If one can sense the omnipresence of Lord Shiva in whatever way it can be discern, is something heavenly and much pure, and for the very first time I felt it during my trek to Madhmaheshwar, which is an integral part of the legend of Panch Kedar. This was one of that trip, that refurbished my inner soul, enlightened my spirit, and therefore, this time it was a new ‘ME’. 

On reaching, the pious ambience vibrated each and every bit of me. It essentially held my posture with some usual gestures for almost an hour. I seamlessly tried to connect the dots, that how a normal path can lead to such a beautiful hidden jewel which has its own significance. 

I have made this plan the moment I got to know from Devender that the Kapaat's were opening on 17th May for this season. My wife who was very much adamant to be with me on this trip, knows about the strenuous, rigorous consequences it will have on her legs. Reason being, this is routed as one of the most difficult treks among the five Kedar's, also, calls out for a warning from my end, that the last set of trek which is of 10 KM was very steep and locales mostly compare it with that of Amarnath Yatra. However, I know her confidence, which was making her dwell and saying 'Go with it’, and the confidence was 'me'. 

[ Dates were :- 16th May-2015 - 19th May-2015 ]

This is one of those untouched treks in Garhwal that depicts the beauty that Himalayas has if looked closely.

--Here is the route map--

The itinerary we followed:

Day1:- GhaziabadMeerutHaridwarRishikeshDevprayagSrinagarRudraprayagAugustMuniKundUkkhimathRansi[Stayed at Ransi]
-- Started from Ghaziabad at 4 A.M, reached Ransi at 5.30 P.M

[Trek To MadhMaheshwar, 19 KM]
Day2:- RansiGaundharBantoliKhatara KhalNanuMaiKhambaMadhmaheshwar[Stay]
--Started from Ransi at 5.30 A.M, reached Madhmaheshwar at 6.30 P.M

Day3:- MadhMaheshwarBudha MadhMaheshwarMadhMaheshwar – Came Back To RansiUkkhimath [Night Stay]
--Started from Madhmaheshwar at 12.15 P.M, reached Ransi at 7 P.M

Day4:- UkkhimathGhaziabad [Back Home]
--Started from Ukkhimath at 11.30 P.M, reached Ghaziabad at 11.00 P.M

-----------------------------------------------Some Teasers To Start With--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Bhudha-MadhMaheshwar, Mt.Mandani and Mt.Chaukhamba]

[MadhMaheshwar Valley]


[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

"Om Namah Shivaaye"

To Be Continued........


Day:1 <|16th May-2015|>

I was thinking of doing Madhmaheshwar trek during my visit to Chopta last year. Devender played a crucial role in letting me know that Madhmaheshwar offers the best scintillating scenic views and is a perfect place where one can have a divine look of the Garhwal Himalayas, views that are to die for. also, during my research, I came across various pics from the Madhmaheshwar valley that made me totally inconsolable and ended up making a plan during the opening of the Kapaat's in May-2015. Back to back trip always invites much pressure in office atmosphere for those who either own or DON'T. So both for me and my wife, pre-trek weeks were flowed away in moments of strains touching the young’s modulus of packing each and everything which a trek needs. Finally, we were relieved when we had safely transpire everything and put it in our car.

It had been a long 12 hours continuous journey before we landed at Ukkhimath at 4.30 pm on 16th may. Out of suffocating environment of long cooling hours of car AC, we breathed some fresh air, picked up Devender from the bus stand and started our onward journey to Ransi which was 22 KM from Ukkhimath and was the base of Madhmahewar trek. The landscape was obscured by a thick veil of mist in the faint daylight when the three of us reached Ransi, after an exhausting journey all the way from Ghaziabad. The Komal Tourist Lodge was good enough for us, with a night halt for Rs. 200.

It was a pretty lovely evening, we fresher ourselves and decided to have a visit to the nearest Rakeshwari temple. It was dark with few kids around, the evening arti was about to happen in few mins. After healing our soul we came back in an hour. Taking an early dinner, we fell asleep with the rain falling in torrents outside.

<Few Clicks Enroute>[Not Much Pics Though]


[Towards Ransi]

[Stay At Ransi, Komal Lodge]

[View From Ransi]

To Be Continued ... 

Om Namah Shivaaye ....



Day:2 <|17th May-2015|>
Ransi - Gaundhar - Bantoli - Khatara Khal - Nanu - MeiKhambha - MadhMaheshwar

Beforehand we checked 5 days’ weather forecast and it predicted bright sunny days for most of the time with some chances of rain in the evening. So, we were happy to see the morning welcoming us with a scenic blue sky with few white clouds gently floating in leisurely manner. the first rays of the sun lit the apex of Kanchani peak,that can be seen from Ransi, and washing them in crimson colour.

After morning rituals, we decided to move on and started our trek at around 5.45 AM. We safely crossed those few miles. Weather was perfectly fine. Few local people en route wished us a safe journey. Occasional cool breeze from Madmaheswar Ganga were wiping drops of sweats on our foreheads. I always love to be in those stretch for reasons unknown. The heart became short of interpretation that how slowly and silently a gentle breeze of peace creeps deep within into while in journey moves on touching sacred places like these. Without any hiccups and covering the distance pretty well by 8.30 AM we reached the bridge over a river, with a grand view and deafening roar of waterfall cascading down. We must have walked around 5 KM from Ranshi. A further upward climb of 1 KM and around 9.00 AM we made it to Gaundhar. Up to this place, there had not been many ups and downs except while crossing the bridge near Bhima falls. We took a short tea break there at one of the tea-shop stall.

We were about to settle, suddenly a voice from the adjoining hall made us stand still for a moment, It was a snake which we spotted right in front of us. I clicked him without his consent, as being a Sunday morning he must have come out for a morning walk. He faded away in few mins without disturbing anybody. 

Our target was to reach Bantoli [1.5 KM from Gaundhar], halt there for sometime, prepare ourselves for the steep climb that we would be witnessing all along till Madhmahewar [10 KM]. Without wasting further time, we decided to move along the well paved path with a normal walk which led towards Bantoli, where we reached within half an hour after leaving from Gaundar. Bantoli was fabulous to look at, It was situated at the confluence of the river Madmaheswar Ganga(Coming From Kanchani Tal) and Markandey Ganga(Coming From Chaukhamba Peak). We settled at one of the dhaba, though there were only two and thought of giving a divine touch to our souls by witnessing the confluence closely till the time breakfast being served.

[Village Ransi Behind]

[Enroute to Gaundhar]

[Valley Behind]

[First View Of Mt.Chaukhamba, Enroute To Gaundhar]

[Madhmaheshwar Ganga Flowing Right Below, Enroute To Gaundhar]


[At Gaundhar]

[Enroute To Bantoli]

[Markandey Ganga Coming From Chaukhamba Peak, at Bantoli]

[Suspension Bridge That Connects Gaundhar With Bantoli, at Bantoli]


To Be Continued......

Om Namah Shivaaye......


Day:2 <|17th May-2015|>
<|CONTINUED|> .......

Around 10.00 AM, after enjoying at the confluence, with the taste of delicious breakfast, we resumed our trek and went along the route, gradually ascending through the sky-touching forest. Under the torrid sun, climbing along a steep gradient is always tough even when there is a distinct path. My wife who were very much determined, was not showing any symptoms of tiredness. She was walking slowly, with easiness, which was a big plus sign for my positiveness. Our progress was slow but steady, continuous walk of two hours after leaving Bantoli led to Khatara Khal, which was 2 KM from bantoli and is situated on the slope of a hill. The place has only two shafts, one being a night halt. We rested there for some 20 Mins, had tea and started to move. 

The journey again wore a steepest trance. Enroute, I came across one BabaJi who was coming back from Madhmaheshwar, He told me "Woh Durr Dekho Top Per Hai Budha Madhmaheshwar Aur Uske Nicche Hai MadhMaheshwar", I thanked him and totally engulfed my saliva on seeing the top, which was very far and could not be seen properly. Thank God, My wife didn't know about all this, otherwise she would have screamed out loud "Arey Abhi Toh Bhut Durr Chalna Hai, Mujhse Kaise Hoga. 

But, trust me she has been my greatest earthly inspiration, with an attitude that never say never. Without uttering any word, she was keen on traversing the path easily. We were following a relatively steeper route along a ridge mainly covered by pine and rhododendron trees. Chirping sounds made by a variety of birds could be heard; a few of them were in our sight and tempted us to take a break every few mins. We reached Nanu, a small hamlet, after close to two hours of walk. We spent next 15 Mins giving relief to our bodies and started again. 

The next post was MeiKhamba which was 3 KM from Nanu.The weather was absolutely clear, though we could see clouds at the top peaks. The sunlight was harsh with flies being a nuisance all together. We were sweating heavily, the shades of the tall trees enroute were out of reach, still we were enjoying the most as the landscape was totally compensating us with respect to the views around. Another continuous steep walk of two hours after leaving Bantoli led to MeiKhamba. We rested there for a while, had maggi and tea. from there, the route has to go through thick forest for up to 4 KM to reach Madhmaheshwar

Spending some time, we started again at 4.00 PM from MeiKhamba along the well marked trail. The route was tough, walking for close to 2.30 hours, I asked my wife if she was ok? to which she replied ' Peir Mere Numb Ho Chuke Hai Ab Kitna Bhi Chal Wa Lo ', devender in the midway popped up with his delicious humour ' Madam Bas Ab 6 KM Aur Reh Gaya Hai
Listening this, we burst out with laughter on seeing her coming back from the trail on which she was moving ahead. Simple yet so enchanting moments worth motivating. 

The panorama drastically changed upon gaining some height and about walking for close to half-an-hour. We were in the middle of clouds, I could smell the mist and purity they were carrying. Suddenly my wife out of nowhere shouted ' Woh Raha Mandir'. 

See, I am getting goosebumps writing this. The place vouchsafed me in every aspect. 

We reached madhmaheshwar close to 7 PM, in total a 19 KM of journey covered by us in 13 Hours was something exhilarating. Beauty has its own significance which can only be seen in the lap of himalayas, and we witnessed it the moment we stepped in at this pristine place. Whole town which consists of a total of 7 huts were covered with clouds. Such a heavenly experience it was. 

We advance close to the very first hut we came across and asked for a night stay. The person who was in his 50's gave us a room for 300Rs, the room was very basic and only had two beds and four quilts. We freshen ourselves, rested a bit, moved out but was sad to see the drizzle which was just started. It was dark and cold, after having dinner wasting no time, we came back and slept early as tomorrow morning we would have to embark on an another trail to Budha-Madhmaheshwar, which was 3 KM to and fro from MadhMaheshwar

[Gaundhar Below]

[Enroute To Nanu, Budha-Madhmaheshwar Covered With Clouds]

[Enroute To Nanu]

[Besudi Parvat, The back Side of it can be seen from Deoria Tal]

[Enroute To MeiKhamba]

[Views Around, Enroute To Madhmaheshwar]

[Enroute To Mei-Khamba]

[Enroute To Mei-Khamba]

[Views Around]

[Enroute To Madhmaheshwar]

[Enroute To Madhmaheshwar]

[Enroute To Madhmaheshwar]

[Enroute To Madhmaheshwar]

[MadhMaheshar Temple, Om Namah Shivaaye]

[Views Around, At Madhmaheshwar]

To Be Continued..

Om Namah Shivaaye..


Day:3 <|18th May-2015|>
MadhMaheshwar – Budha MadhMaheshwar – MadhMaheshwar [ Distance 3 Km to and fro]

There is a route from Madhmaheshwar which bifurcates into two directions, one goes to Panpatia Col and the other one goes to Chaukhamba Massif base 1, local people and mountaineer often term it as the 'route to heaven'. I was very much fervent in climbing Chaukhamba and always dreamt to be at the top one day. The night was cold, I was roaming around the shaft and asking within, why Chaukhamba? Why to wait for it? Why not climb it tomorrow?

Chaukhamba has four pillars and almost stands high above everything; with an appreciative glance, you could surely tend to see power and portability at the very same time. Power, because of its dominance and Portability in, as it can be seen from every part of Garhwal, irrespective of the altitude. Climbing it, I just want to be a part of it and live the rest of my live admiring and cherishing the rejoicing moments I had with her, every time I see. Also, till date It hasn’t had any issues with me, though I see/stare her every month, and only because of her elegance, visiting Garhwal every now and then is like a normal happening for me.

Roaming across the shaft, numerous thoughts were cultivating my mind and I decided why not give a shot and climb Chaukhamba the very next day, ehhhhhhhhh?. I myself made an arrangement for the trek, to the base of Chaukhamba Massif. Local people were warning me not to attempt it with improper gears, and shouting on top of their voices not to attempt it. Upon total planning, I and Devender started in the dark. There was not a clear trail. I could only see a wide patch of loose gravels adorn with large boulders and thick snow, which I was struggling to cross. After covering some distance I heard a loud sound and totally got stunned on seeing that the gravel on which I was standing started losing its grip. I somehow managed to pass it off. Walking across the boulders for some time, the air became thin. I felt totally out of breath and suddenly collapsed. Devender who was watching all this from a hillock paused for a while and came running towards me, shook me hard and with a very low voice murmured ' Gaurav Bhai Utho, Gaurav Bhai Kya Hua, Utho Gaurav Bhai'. Out of nowhere, something popped into my head and I noticed a ray of light try to peep in from the door. Devender was standing outside my room recursively knocking the door and saying '' Gaurav Bhai Utho, Gaurav Bhai Kya Hua, Utho Gaurav Bhai'.

Damn, I jumped out and came outside in a flash. It was half past 6 and we were already late, climbing Budha Madhmaheswar will take one and a-half hour, and as it was may end the clouds will, for sure not gonna spare the views from the top for us. I told Devender ' Bhai Bas 10 Min Mei Tyaar Hokar Aate Hai, Late Ho Gaye Maaf Karna' to which he nodded his head in affirmation. I haven't told anybody about the dream which I saw moments ago, not even shared it with my wife. But, It was something worth nourishing and like, as the saying goes 'Sone Pe Suhaaga'.

With never ending thoughts of climbing Mt.Chaukhamba, we moved towards BudhaMadhmaheshwar. I was the one who was heading the trail not because I want to show how much strength I own, It was because, as I don't want clouds to ruin the perfect bonding which I had with Chaukhamba. Reached Budha madhmaheshwar in 30 mins and almost freeze by looking at the majestic range which I could see from that very point.

<Pics Attached>



[Enroute To Budha-MadhMaheshwar, My Better Half]

[Enroute To Budha-MadhMaheshwar]

[Enroute To Budha-MadhMaheshwar]

[Enroute To Budha-MadhMaheshwar]

[Enroute To Budha-MadhMaheshwar, Peeping Mt Chaukhamba ]


[Budha-MadhMaheshwar, Mt.Chaukhamba And Mt.Mandani]

[Budha-MadhMaheshwar, Mt.Panchuli Of Uttarakhand]






[Your's Truly At Budha-MadhMaheshwar]





To Be Continued...

Om Namah Shivaaye...

Day:3 <|18th May-2015|>
BudhaMadhMaheshwar - MadhMaheshwar - Bantoli - Gaundhar - Ransi - Ukkhimath
Continued ...

We spent a lot of time in a leisurely manner in absolute silence, getting immense pleasure from the amazing landscape.Within a few minutes, clouds from all around twirled in a magical way and we were in the world of grey thick clouds. After praising the nature's paradise and spending some memorable moments at Budha Madmaheshwar we started back to Madmaheshwar

Our plan was to have a pious darshan, get on with the divine surroundings for sometime, try to imbibe each and everything the most and mine was singing on the top of my voice;

'Barfeeli Sardiyo Mei..
Kisi Bhi Pahad Per...
Waadi Mei Goonjti Hui...
Khaamoshiya Sune...
Aankhon Mei Bheege Bheege Se...
Lamhe Liye Hue...

Dil Dhoondta Hai Fir Wohi Fursat Ke Raat Din' 

En-route, I could feel the air piercing through my soul jolting me to have a look, that how life has its own resolution, which she unfolds at a very precious time. The divine air was unmasking every scar, healing it with her blissful moisture and taming it properly, till the time you are to be back again. 

We had an awesome darshan at the mandir. I can't even express how happy I was, the happiness surpasses everything, even my first job, when I got selected through a campus interview. 

These mountains has given me so much that I can't even think of repaying it, not even in my dreams. They have preached us how to stand firm when there is a turmoil, they have shown us to be fair in everything what we do, they don't crave for more and has been the same from the time they were born. Even the sun kiss them first, before embarking on his journey across earth. That's the beauty of it. 

With these thoughts in mind I looked up and murmured ' I will surely be back again'. 

Before returning to Ransi, I took a last parting shot of the temple, against the back drop of Bugyal and thanked Lord Shiva for making our Madmaheshwar trek so exciting and memorable and left for Ransi.

We started at around 12:15 pm and reached Ransi at 7 pm. The journey was not so tough, as it was a regular descend from Madhmaheshwar till Bantoli. Upon reaching Ransi we planned to stay at Ukkhimath and the next morning we started back to Ghaziabad

This is it from my side, thank you all for your patience and pardon me for any mistakes.

Will be giving details/tips of the trek in my next update.


[Coming Down]

[Moving Downwards, Madhmaheshwar Mandir Can Be Seen Below]

[Peace, Panchuli Peaks Of Uttarakhand]

[Coming Downwards]


[MadhMaheshwar Valley]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Budha-Madhmaheshwar Top, as Seen From Madhmaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar]

[Jai Baba MadhMaheshwar, Last Parting Shot]

To Be Continued ...

Om Namah Shivaaye ...

Madhmaheshwar Details

· Best Time to visit: 
Early summer in Mid-May/ Mid-June or in September/October, though climate can abruptly change from sunshine to rain within minutes. Avoid June end/July/August, due to plenty of rains.

· The Starting Point: 
The trek starts from Ransi. Route will be: - RansiGaundarBantoliKhatara KhalNanuMeiKhambaKunchattyMadhmaheshwar [19 Kms]

We did it in one day, but to avoid exertion, better plan it for two days.
Don't miss Budha Madhmaheshwar, which is 1.5 Km above Madhmaheshwar and is actually very very close to. Mt.Chaukhamba.

· Stuff Needed:
A raincoat/Rain Poncho/Windcheater or umbrella is a must thing, you never know when rain god start showering his blessings on you, so better be prepared. Do have sunscreen with you and a torch which is highly recommendable.

The beddings are reasonably clean.
Also, do carry proper woollens with you, irrespective of the month.

· The lodging en-route :
--Komal Tourist Lodge at Ransi :- 9690816869, 8958979563
--Kailash Lodge at Gaundar,
--Vishwa lodge at Bantoli,
--Temple Committee guest house at Madhmaheshwar.

Not to worry if you won't find any accommodation at the above mentioned places, which is hardly not possible but our government has perfectly taken care of the devotees, by putting bedding suits at each and every location till Madhmaheshwar.

--Bed Cost :-reasonably low, on an average 200rs / bed, You can even get more cheaper 
--Food Cost :- 70 - 80 Rs / Plate, Food has a higher rate.
--Hotel Room :- 300-400 Rs/ Room

· Return Trek, staying options 
On a return trek from Madhmaheshwar, one generally stays at Gaundar in Kailash lodge. if its too late, don’t try to put extra efforts in making to Ransi, as forest covers between Gaundhar and Ransi is something you would have to look upon.

· Condition of the trek route:
Excellent broad trek route stone paved or mud track, right up to Madhmaheshwar. No worries at all.

· Food
Totally vegetarian.

· Reaching There

There is only 1 Bus to Guptkashi from Delhi.
1- Take a Bus to Haridwar: Reach before 6AM recommended.
2- Take a shared Sumo/Bus to Rudraprayag.
3- Take a shared Taxi to Agastmuni.
4- Take a shared Taxi to Ukhimath.

--Rishikesh to Rudraprayag is 140 Km.
--Rudraprayag to Ukkhimath is 50 Km.
--Ukkhimath to Ransi is 22 Km.

From Ukkhimath to Ransi, there is only one bus in the evening at 4.30 or 5.00 PM which drops you right in front of Komal Tourist Lodge,Ransi.

Would like to end my journey with a video that I made, when I was at Budha Madhmaheshwar.

------------------------------------------Om Namah Shivaaye-------------------------------


Thank you for your vivid

Thank you for your vivid description. I will visit Madmaheswar On 4th Sepetember, 2017. I will not be able to walk all the way. Want to take pony. Will it be available there? Do you have any contact of Mandir Committee guest house? Will will also visit Tungonath and Deoriata. 


Mahua Dutta Sarkar

Thank You Sir Komal Tourist

Thank You Sir

Komal Tourist Lodge at Ransi :- 9690816869, 8958979563, these numbers will help you locate a pony. moreover, this is yatra season and you will not have any problem.


Jai Madmaheshwar Baba!



Thanks for providing this

Thanks for providing this information, Gaurav. It is really very helpful

dear gaurav, your narration

dear gaurav,

your narration is very nice, sharp observations, full details and inspiring. we 8 friends age group of 55 to 66 are going to madmaheshwar in first week of june. can u guide us if we can stay for night at Bantoli or anywhere enroute to mad.. what type of food is available enroute and weather condition. what is accomodation facility at mad...

pl send me yr cellno to be in touch.

whenever you are inspired to visit somnath and dwarka, pl be my guest. 

thanks anyway for this wonderful post.





Hello Sir,   sorry for being

Hello Sir,


sorry for being a little late. Thanks for your generous words sir and thanks again for inviting me.

Madhmaheshwar route is of 19KM, the starting 9-10 KM are easy but the last lag which is of 9KM is totally uphill. From Gaundhar you can actually see a tip of where Budha-Madhmaheswar is located. Well, you can fairly do this trek in two lags. As you said, you can stay at bantoli and start early morning to madhmaheshwar. Simple food is available which consists of Daal and Roti. you can very well find accomodation at each and every passing destination.

I would love to discuss more on this with you. My Number is:- 9999532379


Gaurav Dutt Kashyap

Thanks for helping fellow

Thanks for helping fellow travelers, Gaurav. Smile

Thanks for your comment

Thanks for your comment Jayesh sir.. I will check with Gaurav to find the answers of the questions you asked.

Done Bhai !

Done Bhai !

(No subject)


Dear Gaurav   Kudos for

Dear Gaurav


Kudos for writing such a informative piece.  Can we take my kids of seven and nine year old on this trek? What is your personal assessment?


Thanks ! yes you can take.

Thanks !

yes you can take. the route is well defined and there are stopage points as well.

Dear Gaurav Thanks for

Dear Gaurav

Thanks for acknowlrdgement. We are planning to go in month of Dec 2017. If you have contact number of Guest House at Gundar and Mandir Comittee Guest House Stay; kindlyshare.


Hello Somnath, Request you to

Hello Somnath,

Request you to avoid december, as it will be freezing cold. Also, the temple will be closed and you wont find anybody there.

You can plan your trip in October Last or early November as the Kapaat remain open till November.


Gaurav Dutt Kashyap

Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Gaurav.

Hi Mr Gaurav Thanks for

Hi Mr Gaurav

Thanks for suggestion. We Will do accordingly.


Dear Mr. Dutt   Thank's or

Dear Mr. Dutt


Thank's or the detailed trip report and awsome picture . Myself will be there this june .



Thank you sir. God Bless You

Thank you sir.

God Bless You and all the very best for your journey!

Thank u so much for these

Thank u so much for these awesome pictures....!! Gives a very clear idea about the trek.

God Bless. Thanks again Smile

Thank you so much Mam 

Thank you so much Mam 

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

Very  nicely written Gaurav.

Very  nicely written Gaurav. by the way, what did you do to the snake that you found on the way? did you bring it along Smile

Thank you Sir  Ji ....

Thank you Sir  Ji ....  Hahaha He was dead before I approached Him ...

Indeed it is really an

Indeed it is really an interesting blog with beautiful images...

Hey Gaurav Thanks for

Hey Gaurav

Thanks for providing the exact itinerary of the MadhMaheswar trek. My wife and I are simply going to leave the kids behind, and go for it in a big way. After all, the Shiva’s abode deserves a visit. Thank you, once again for writing this blog and pointing out the finer nuances.

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by. It is indeed a gem of an article by Gaurav.

Thanks Bro ...  For Me you

Thanks Bro ...  For Me you are an inspiration !

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