Wild (Part Seven): Photographic Chronicles of Solo Winter (January) Trip to Spiti

View of Kaza from the top
Snow did not stop. With Tenzin, i joined the notorious gang of Kaza where i got introduced to gambling and started to loose my dwindling cash. Secretively, All I was banking on the generosity of Spiti's people. During days of snowing, we used to drink a lot of Old monk, play snooker. Tenzin's mother cooked delicious meals and served tea, coffee and other hot beverages. In between adventures and frivolity, thought of visiting Komic, supposedly the highest village of Asia kept orbiting in my head. Komic was disconnected from road so one fine morning, i decided to take the steep climb just above the Kaza to find my way to Komic. A sneak peek into that adventure.

First it was a precarious steep trail which i negotiated

Precarious trail to Komic

And then I reached the snow-covered road ready for my footprints.

Road to Komic

And I am not exaggerating that moving every next inch forward in almost a feet of snow was draining to hell. Amid negative temperature on that windy afternoon, with so many layer of cloths, I felt like an astronaut in the gravity less space. I kept panting but i kept walking

On the way to Hikkim

I was all alone on a perilous road which was supposed to lead me to the highest villages of Asia. All i was trusting my intuitions and first view of mud houses of Hikkim turned a great relief.

Hikkim village amid white pasture

Hikkim was just a mile stone but was definitely an energy booster for the rest of my journey to Komic and by the dusk i made it to Komic, the highest village of Asia.

Komic Monastery during January

Welcome to Komic

Komic Monastery

After the short visit to the monastery, descended to the house where i was invited

View of Komic Monastery from the village

And it dusked in Komic

Komic Village after the sunset


Komic Village during winters

Despite shivering cold outside, I could not restrain myself going out in the night and playing with the shutter when mercury dipped to -35 degree

Stars sky and snow

Next morning, it was bright vivid sunny day with chilly wind fluttering the prayer flags

Fluttering flags and timid moon

Herded yaks

Domesticating Yaks


Herding the Yaks

Herd the sheep

Grazing around the prayer flags


Sheep on the snowland

And then scared them off with my gigantic appearance :D (I can sense mild grin on some reader's face)

Scaring a herd of sheep

Got the packed lunch from the family I was staying with and then captured the last glimpse of the Komic before continuing for another long solo hiking through the desolated landscape.

Village of Komic in Winters

And another lonesome road was waiting to be treaded by a reclusive vagrant and I was walking to Langza, into the wild.

Road to Langza


Snow covered road to Kaza

Yaks basking in the sun

Yaks resting near Langza

Herd of Kiang over snow-filled pastures

Herd of Kiang over the snow filled pastures


And Another distant view of Hikkim

Hikkim sitting over the ridge

Superstition and Lonely Stupa



Lonely Stupa

Crisscrossing the trails

Crisscrossing the trails

And endless trail

Trailing amid the snow land

Which descends to the little hamlet of Langza

Mud houses of Langza

Sunny winter afternoon at Langza

Sunny winter day in Langza


Roofs filled with snow

Households of lower Langza

Enlightenment in Isolation

Buddha statue in Langza

Prayer Flags and Lord Buddha

And the evening fell on the village of Langza

Evening Contour at Langza

Next morning, Sun rays fell over the village of Langza little earlier than expected

Sunrise in the snowland

Passed my final greetings to Tenzy and his family and for their generous hospitality. Wish i could have stayed longer. I started the descend back to Kaza.

One man wildersome

Marking my own trail

And it continued

Walk through the white landscape

Through Shrubs buried under the snow

Shrubs buried under snow

Through muted milestones

Stupa over a hill top

Distant view of Rangrik

Distant view of Rangrik

And the walk back to Kaza

Find the river

Hi Vishnu, Thanks a lot for

Hi Vishnu,
Thanks a lot for posting your whole experience about the Kaza trip. It is really helpful for me as I will be making a trip during Janurary. Can you please mention how many days did you stay over there and what was your expenditure in total for the trip?

Hey Alif, January is very

Hey Alif,

January is very unpredictable. you can not actually plan the trip. road gets closed often so you never know when you will reach and when you can come back.

500-800 INR are the general cost of homestays every day including food. Taxis are expensive. rest there are no expenses.

I stayed for more than 2 weeks and fortunately road got open for few days and i could come back.

+- Vishnu

Looks amazing. Thanks for

Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. keep dropping by.

Thanks. keep dropping by.

This was a recce for the

This was a recce for the coming years. Due to some family commitment I had only 5 days in hand delhi to delhi. But the trip has given me confidence to do it again in coming years. i do have some pictures and videos, but I do not know how to share.


There was a lot of snow and raods were iced, so riding was a bit difficult. But the beauty was enchanting and mesmerizing. if only I had more days in hand to reach Kaza and Kibber. may be next time.


Thanks and Regards

Glad to hear about your trip.

Glad to hear about your trip. You can create a photo album and upload your photographs. You can upload the videos on facebook and share the link. its very much self-explainatory. looking forward to see photographs and videos from you.

Hi Vishnu, I am planning to

Hi Vishnu,

I am planning to visit kinnour with spiti in oct 15.Iternary details which I have made is mentioned below.

Please let me suggest wheather these can be done or not.And please comment if any changes required.


21 Oct-- HWH(Train)

22 Oct---Train

23 Oct--Kalka to Shimla(by Road)

24 Oct--Sarahan

25 Oct--kalpa via chitkul

26 Oct--Tabo via Nako

27 Oct--Kaza (enroute Dhankar Lake and Monastry,Ki Monastry,Kibber)

28 Oct--Kaza to chandratal(Stay in Chandratal)

29 Oct--Manali

30 Oct--manali

31 Oct--Train

1 Nov--Train

2 Nov--HWH



Pleaes suggest any modification in plan is required or not.



Kinshuk Ghosh

I would suggest you to add

I would suggest you to add more day in your itinerary.

Sarahan to Kalpa via Chitkul is not a wise decision. it will be very hectic. you should stay at Chitkul for a night at least.  There is no point making your plan too hectic.

You should also stay for one more extra day at Kaza. Plan for 27th is also quite hectic.

Rest seems OK to me.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, I was planning to

Hi Vishnu,

I was planning to ride to Spiti this weekend and just wanted to know what temperatures should I expect. Secondly any references for stay options.

Thanks and Regards

Sorry for the late response.

Sorry for the late response. Spiti during winters is harsh. I hope you made it.

No problems Vishnu. i could

No problems Vishnu. i could ride till a little before Sumdo where the road was blocked by BRO. After waiting for an hour, I started back from there as i was short of days and had planned this day for a ride from Nako to Tabo and back to Nako where i had stayed overnight. Being on a motorcycle and solo, I did not want to get stranded late as most of the people I met said it is difficult to get a homestay in Tabo and you will have to ride to Kaza.

Thanks and Regards

Woow.. seems like you have

Woow.. seems like you have quite an amazing time Yaglav. Admire your determination that you have made till Sumdo. I believe everything would have been snow-covered at this time of the year.

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