Wild (Part Four): Photographic Chronicles of Solo Winter (January) Trip to Spiti

Top view of Key Gompa from trail to Gete
Days passed, Nights were longer and Kaza kind of became my comfort zone. Every evening, I and Tenzin used to get stupor on purest of Old Monk. Tenzin's mother was very generous lady and always curious to know what i am doing in Spiti during harshest of the months. She cooked delicious meals through the day. Though I was enjoying my slow-paced life in Kaza but I wanted to go little remote.

One afternoon, Tenzin and I ditched the business, shut down the shop and headed to Key monastery and Kibber village.

Along the bank of snow-filled Spiti, we drove in the rattling Maruti 800. Views of the river were breath-taking.

On the way to Key Monastery

Along the bank

Snow filled Spiti near Key

And then the road headed upwards

Snow filled road to Key Gompa

Unlike Vibrant summers, Winters inside Key Gompa is considered lazy time to bask under the occasional sun. we parked on the main road and walked towards the Gompa which was more or less closed. Outside, young monks were playing cricket. Lama offered us tea and opened the door the roof offering wide view of alluvial plains of Spiti.

Cold Welcome to Key Gompa

Monks playing cricket at Key

Inside the prayer hall

Inside the prayer hall in Key gompa

On the roof

On the roof of Key Monastery


White behind the Golden

Down below, key village was resting in serenity amid snow

Key village in snow white environs

And the River Spiti on the other side

View of Snow filled Spiti from Key

Walked further to the temple and then taken the precarious trail to Gete to take panoramic shots of Key monastery

Golden Sculptures near Key

The massive waterfall near Gete

Massive frozen waterfall near Gete

and here comes the awe-inspiring view of Key monastery in the backdrop of frozen Spiti river

Key Gompa in winters


Overlooking a frozen river

Late in the afternoon, we strolled in the narrow lanes of Kibber Village which is also considered the best chance to sight elusive snow-leopard

Walking in the lanes of Kibber

Schools remain closed in winters and its the time for kids on the wheel. they were skating everywhere

There is no race

Loosing balance

and the sprawl of mud houses

Kibber in Winters

Hi, We are planning to go


We are planning to go shimla/manali on 26th january, i go through your article and i am very excited. Can you provide the details how can i reach there, we are goup of 5members


Thanks & Regards,


Hey vishnu, Great pics, key

Hey vishnu,

Great pics, key monastery looks beautiful!

Can you give me a sense of what guesthouses/homestays would be open on the route? in kalpa,  nako and kaza

And which one do you think is better, going on bikes or using local  transport as u did?

Going in 2nd week of march

In Winters, you will rarely

In Winters, you will rarely find any guest house open. There will be homestays in Kalpa, Nako and Kaza. I would suggest to go by public transport. Going by Bike in the month of march would be very risky. Black ice will make journey very challenging.

+- Vishnu

Hey, congratulations on this

Hey, congratulations on this brilliant life time endeavor. i would like to know that can the same be done on a 2 wheeler? and also would be kind to pass on the coordinates of people with whom you stayed please. my email is dsn@neogi.com

On 2 Wheeler it will be very

On 2 Wheeler it will be very challenging. I would not recommend Jan or Feb. However i know few people did it during march last year. I stayed at a friend's place. All the guest houses will be closed in Kaza.

Thanks for your reply. the

Thanks for your reply. the Governemnt houses would be operating. i am planning 15th Jan from Delhi... 

You can not reply on Forest

You can not reply on Forest rest houses or Government guest houses. It is very diffcult to stay on concrete houses during winters. All the hotels will be closed. Homestays are the only option.

Amazing pics. I wish i could

Amazing pics. I wish i could be there to enjoy the lovely weather full of snow.enjoying winter in such a lovely wa

Glad to hear that you like

Glad to hear that you like it.

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