Wild (Part two): Photographic Chronicles of Solo Winter (January) Trip to Spiti

Shivering with cold, Sitting in the aisle of the fully packed mini bus, I was occasionally looking outside to the frozen landscape. We were driving though the desolated landscape of the high Himalayas. snowflakes welcomed us as we reached Nako and it was all white all around which made me wear sunglasses. In a short while, we entered to the mystic land of Spiti and my excitement was surging with every next inch we moved forward.

A Winter day in Hurling Spiti

Brightness of summers was replaced by sheer solitude of inclement winters. It was harsh and long. Once surrounded by apple orchards, fields of barley, green peas plantations, terraced villages of Spiti were now covered with snow and then here it was the mesmerizing scene of partially frozen Spiti flowing silently underneath.

Road to Kaza


Lets walk to the waters


Terraced fields and a sleepy village

Frozen surface of Spiti near Hurling


Walking along the snow filled shore of Spiti

And now we were driving through the snow-filled roads onwards towards Kaza along the tiny water line of Spiti.

Eluvium structures covered with snow

Driving in a Sunny Day


Riding through dream scape


And the weather was changing

And by the evening, i touched down to the sleepy town of Kaza where i was slipping as i walked over the frozen streets. It took me sometime to get used to of walking on the black ice. Here are few photographs from my first evening in Kaza.

Stupas in Kaza

City of Kaza

And the long shadows of the evening over the frozen Spiti

An Evening view on the bank of Spiti River

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