Hanuman Gundi : Amidst the lush green forests of western ghats, Karnataka


Hanuman Gundi Waterfall

                              It was almost 4 in the evening when our engines started again after having a small tea break. Very soon we were entering the reserved forests of Kudremukh and were supposed to take permission from the forest officials in the check post . Illegal trespassing is not entertained and you might even be imprisoned for this.This is the last place where we can find small tea shops and chat walas.So better fill your stomach before deciding to move further.

                             We were not sure about our destination, but  enjoyed riding through the mist covered mountains of Western Ghats, with the bike head lights switched on for the entire journey ahead.Because of poor visibility ,many a times we missed head on collisions with vehicles,that would show their presence only when they were few yards away from us.So my sincere advice is to keep left all through the path with speedometer gauge restricted to 40 kmph and below. Our ride continued for hours, with a hope of spotting any wildlife, but was in vain. I guess that was all because of heavy rains in the place and fauna did not make up their mind to show up.

                            Finally, we ended up in reaching this gorgeous place, a water fall, which made us realize the fact 'Western Ghats  hides many beautiful things' and this was one of them. Hanuman Gundi, amidst the lush green mountains, is 20 kms away from Kudremukh on Kudremukh- Mangalore road and is feast for nature lovers. We are supposed to pay a fee of 20 Rs per head and climb down 300 steps to reach this mind blowing place.  


Driving directions

Bangalore->Hassan -> Belur -> Mudigere -> Kottigehaara -> kalasa -> kudremukh -> head towards Mangalore(20kms) -> Hanuman Gundi.
No proper public transports,one should keep on changing buses if you plan without a private vehicle.

Hi Loyal, Permission to enter

Hi Loyal,

Permission to enter the falls is necessary.There will be a forest officer sitting at the entrance of the falls to whom you have to pay 30Rs per person as the entrance fee to the falls and then you can enter.

I'm not comp;etely sure whether you can enter the falls now,So I suggest you to check out with some localites there,before going.

I have the contact details of Rajappa gowda-9481179008,this person runs a homestay in Mullodi(the starting point of the trek to Kudremukha) and Madhu-9448817692(this person is a local jeep driver)

BTW,which are the places you are planning to visit in Kudremukha?

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this important information. Keep dropping by and share more information.

+- Vishnu

Plz tell me...how to get

Plz tell me...how to get permission to go there...can we visit in rainy days? Email me answer's

I do not have any idea about

I do not have any idea about permissions but i do not think there is any problem visiting during monsoon.

Guys,I'am planning for a 3

Guys,I'am planning for a 3 day visit to chikkamagalur this weekend.I think i will reach chikkamagalur at 11am on saturday.

I want to cover bababudangiri,mullayanagiri sitallayanagiri on this day.I am also planning to trek on sarpadhari route.

On 2nd day day i want to cover kemmanugundi.I am planning to trek to hebbe falls.i want to visit shanthi falls,Z point.Kalahatti falls on the same day.

On the 3rd day  i plan to visit kudremukh.I want to Trek kurigal gudda and also see places like hanuman gundi,gangamoola,lakhya dam. I am planning to stay at Bhagavathi nature camp.

My queries

1)  As i dont have my own transport,i will depend on local buses and jeeps for travelling therefore will i be able cover all the above mentioned places in given time frame

2)i also heard that they are not allowing to kemmannugumdi and kudremukh as its election time,is it true?should v need a prior permission from forest officials to trek in these places

Hi Thashwin... seems like you

Hi Thashwin... seems like you are already back and sorry for my late response..

1) it will be bit hectic using public transport but definitely doable..

2) I don't think there will be any problem visiting/staying in Kemmannugundi but not sure about Kudermukh... Election has definitely put extra restrictions...

=== Vishnu

Thanks a lot Vishnu for your

Thanks a lot Vishnu for your reply,actually we have post-poned our trip to 22nd to 27th of may(4 days).

one more query of mine...is this season okay for our travel..will there be water in falls like heebe,hanuman gundi.also since we are planning to trek in kemmannugundi and kudremukh will it be too hot for trekking or is it bearable given the fact that kemmannugundi is one of the coolest places in karnataka.


Hi Thashwin, Pre Monsoons

Hi Thashwin,

Pre Monsoons have started, and i beleive a decent amount of water can be expected in the waterfalls. By May end definitely the western ghats will be cooler because of approaching monsoons (from June) and  you will njoy ur stay for sure.



Puneeth NV   

Here comes the expert

Here comes the expert himself....   Smile... Thanks for jumping in puneeth... your inputs are always a great help to fellow travelers..

Thanks a lot Puneeth.I really

Thanks a lot Puneeth.I really liked your effort of discovering the "Hidden Treasures" of western ghats and helping us to know these beautiful places, which are generally neglected by many.Keep up the good work.

Gorgeous place... took me an

Gorgeous place... took me an year back when i was trekking western ghats... Missing the lush green forests, coffee plantations, rare flora and fauna... seems like you guys are having fun this monsoon....

Keep sharing

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