Gujarat Roundup: Holistic Perspective

My personal opinion: Sincere apologies if I am offending anyone's sentiments.

* Bus Conductors won’t help you much with bus timings and other queries. Contact information desk of the bus stand.

* Busses only stop at designated stands. Waving hands won’t help much.

* Auto’s walas are generally honest but still recommend you to confirm the distance with locals before fixing the deal.

* Vegetarian food is not a problem Infact Gujarat is vegeterian's paradise.

* Gujarati breakfast (Fafda, Jalebi, Dabeli, Dokla) is cheap and decent food.

* Public Transport is not bad. State transport busses are connecting all the towns. Frequency may be thin on some routes.

* Roads are much better than any other state

* Winds mills are densely planted along the coastline. Wind mills are usual sight if you gaze out from the window seat.

* Chai is expensive though

* Khatra of Gujarat definitely makes to the “hall of fame” when it comes at public transport in India.

* Gujarat has got cheapest public transport. ..Nearly 50 paise per km…

* Despite flat terrain, some of the roads (especially in Kutch) have got really sharp turns. Drive carefully on these roads. I had not seen these many accidents anywhere else.

* During Winters, it gets cold in the night but getting an extra quilt is a problem in budget hotels across Gujarat. Carry your own blanket or sleeping bag if possible.

* Food is not that sweet… misconception it is..

* Rose, Cotton, castor oil plant are the main crops

* I would love to revisit whole Gujarat yet Rapar holds a special place.

Hey if you ever come to

Hey if you ever come to Gujarat we would be more than happy to put you up for couple of nights in Ahemdabad and show you around.

Thanks.... I don't have any

Thanks.... I don't have any connection in Ahemdabad... dropping an email right away....Smile

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