Faces, People and Moments: Capturing Human side of Spiti in Winters

Here to the wonderful people I came across, met, seen, greeted, lived with, traveled with during my winter days in Spiti.

Met these kids in Kalpa. They tried to impress me with their skating skills. Well, I am just naive. :D

Kids Skating in Kalpa

Same story continued in Kaza and Tenzin giving the final push

Dont push me hard

And then they rocked and roll

Bring it on

Did i surprise you ?

Someone is surprised

Aaah no, I scared you !!!

I wont stop crying

And him as well

Reticent Face

You got to learn Running....Specially when it snows :D

Run Lola Run

With Tenzin on the frozen Spiti River

Tenzin on Spiti River

Inside Tenzin's house

Inside Tanzin house

And the motherhood in the times of snow


One day, crossed to the other bank of Spiti. Met this old man and his family who invited me for Tea, dry fruits and biscuits.

Trying to see me through

Family photograph from Spiti

And kids playing their second game

Play me your second game

Skating scenes remained the same in Kibber as well

Ready to Skate

Loosing balance

Cohort of Kids skating


but she is my kibber sweet heart

My kibber love

Kid who got tea when i was in Key monastery

The tea maker

Cricket on quite unusual pitch

Cricket in the snow land

Getting ready for school in Pin Valley (Taken at Khar Village opposite to Sagnam)

School kids of Pin Valley

Kids going to school

Lady in Khar Village who allowed me and Jijme to stay in her house. She cooked really delicious food.

Landlady in Pin

Jijme, My friend, who drove me till Pin and accompanied me trekking to remote villages of Pin

Jijme who accompanied me in Pin

In primary school in Komic, there are only two students.

Two students in the school at Komic

And Kids learning to clean the snow

Learning to clean the snow

And at last in Langza where kids run the game

Sublime posture


Jumping along the prayer flags


Little devils

Hi Vishnu,   Picks are

Hi Vishnu,


Picks are awesome,

We (4 Guys) are planning to go Khardungla, in May IInd week through Bikes (Apache & Pulsur) from Haridwar,
I want to know the vary critical things (Any Type) which is having with us during visit to Spity Vally.


Thanks & Regards

Rahul Sharma

Khardungla is not in Spiti. I

Khardungla is not in Spiti. I think you can make it to Khardungla on bikes mentioned. Spiti is all together a different region.

+- Vishnu

Liked the pics very much.l

Liked the pics very much.l had been to this area quite long back. There were landslides & quite cold weather.

Thanks for the comment. Keep

Thanks for the comment. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

awesome weather!!life is so

awesome weather!!life is so different in these areas and after that people are enjoying their life's. Children also looking happy and enjoying. Great people!!!

Yes Charles. People of Spiti

Yes Charles. People of Spiti are amazing. They are always happy amid harsh weather conditions.

+- Vishnu

Awesome pics... looking like

Awesome pics... looking like they are living heaven. Snow everywhere. Here i am dreaming to go and watch the snowy mountains and these children's are playing their. I am feeling jealous from these kids. How innocent they are. They are far from the contested life of cities. They find a way of amusement in so much snow.. God bless them..

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by..

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