Exploring Khanapur's untouched beauty !!

Early morning alarm rings, we pick up our backpack with packed lunch and reach the starting point – this is how our one day treks begin… so was this day, when a group of eight got into the hired Mahindra and started by 6.30 in the morning. We nature enthusiasts exchanged pleasantries and discussed the tentative plan for the day.

Our group is formed by core nature admirers and most importantly we respect it. Amongst them one person knows the route map n the other about the falls location so as usual I took back seat just following the team n enjoying the drive…. We took a quick stop for breakfast at some town en route and after about 3 hours our vehicle journey ends and we put our feet to work for the rest of the day.

Best part of this trek was we were supposed to cover 3 falls……….


First one was an unforgettable walk to the ‘Chikhale’ falls past the small village where v had parked our vehicle. Gathering information from the locals we started, and believe me it was one of the most beautiful path I had ever seen ….. with the fog playing around, the landscape would change every few meters …. Infact without the fog this experience would not have been so memorable…. I lived every moment capturing the lush green carpeted flat ground on both sides of our path.

It was an element of surprise to watch the playful fog reveal the beauty of raw nature in installments..... even after an year has passed by, am right now living that moment…

A village lady accompanied me as she was traveling past the falls. We both spoke 2 different languages not understood by each other yet communicated what we wanted to…. I enjoyed that.

About an hour, the flat land ends with a sudden steep valley enriched with thick forest and I hear the roar of waterfalls….. partially visible waterfalls was  an Incredible sight!!!!! The phrase “love at first sight” would be perfect here. Any number of clicks cannot satisfy you when standing amidst such a place. After spending an hour there, we left not really wanting to do so. It would be a great camping site though.





This capture was very timely as the fog left us only for few minutes to get clear view of Chikhale falls...

our trekmates ran to the other side of the falls crossing it and successfully recorded with their videocams.

these captures are from the other side .... so beautiful n untouched.... I heartily wish that it remains so..

while we crossed ... this was what we found... a lone house around which the water flows before it falls. What a location to live ....

Walking back we took a detour to another small falls by name ‘Bora’. We were walking over green carpet, wind blowing on our faces, just the sound of nature, here and there few villagers relaxing while their cattle were grazing to their content. My partner captured some nice shots of them. There was a small picturesque pond on the way. After a good balance training crossing slippery rocks, we reached the falls. Could not get a clear view of it as one had to literally sleep over the rock next to the falls to capture the best view. It was a risky affair to get down so we were forced to be content and started to walk towards our vehicle. We were lucky to have pleasant weather throughout.

This one is "Bora"

On our way back stopped at a river for lunch, and then headed to the last falls. After about 45 minutes we stopped at a place which appeared very much a known picnic spot. Plastics littered all around, people screaming, loud music from parked vehicles, glass pieces decorating the rocks…. What a stark contrast to the experience couple of hours ago. Every time I am at such a scene, so much wish I had the authority to heavily fine each and everyone responsible for such ugly mess.     As I started walking saw many of them carrying professional cameras with tripod, while wondering about that in a few meters saw a group of them capturing shots of what appeared like falls and the view was blocked. Making my way what I saw was breathtaking…. ‘Sural Falls’ the only milky strip amidst the various shades of green backdrop. Named after the village sural, it is at the perfect junction of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa border. It was so very inviting though very far from where we stood. The camera zoom helped to get a good view.  Such an astounding beauty and such insensitive people abusing nature for their pleasure, left that place with helpless feeling…

Overall had a perfect day out I would say rather, as our treks usually leaves me drained out at the end of the day.


Photographer: I acknowledge C G Prashanth for preserving my memories with his skillful photography :)


Chikhale, Bora falls and Sural Falls – Khanapur taluk, Belgaum District (North Karnataka)

Early morning alarm rings, we pick up our backpack with packed lunch and reach the starting point – this is how our one day treks begin… so was this day, when a group of eight got into the hired Mahindra and started by 6.30 in the morning. We nature enthusiasts exchanged pleasantries and discussed the tentative plan for the day.

One thing I’ve always admired

One thing I’ve always admired about you, is how genuine you are. There are many blogs that I used to read that I no longer do because they seem to have become all about this giveaway or that sponsored post, but your approach to monetization has never rankled. You’re up front about who you are and where you’re going and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

Lovely shots! The place is

Lovely shots! The place is gorgeous...

Thanks Siddhartha... Keep

Thanks Siddhartha... Keep dropping by...

=== Vishnu

Hi Puneeth...... thanks for

Hi Puneeth...... thanks for ur response.... Khanapur is known for its beauty!!!

regarding the details u have asked..

1. Khanapur is very near to belgaum ... around 20 kms. Am unable to retrieve info regarding the exact stop from where we started towards Chikhale falls... the person who is organised this one is from other side of state n right now not reachable... will surely get back if i can contact him... expecting him to come up with new locations this monsoon..

2. No idea about public transport as these r interior locations... v usually hire vehicles... even bike would do if u r two.

   BTW u can trace Sural village by asking locals n sural falls is around that place... quiet known by all. 


Poornima P S

Thanks poornima for letting

Thanks poornima for letting us know more details about these falls.. I only passed Belgaum district once.. adding it to my wish-list now...

Vishnu Kumar

Thank u Vishnu for linkin

Thank u Vishnu for linkin people n places.....

Happy travelling to u and all....

HI Poornima,   This is

HI Poornima,


This is toooooooo good!! Smile

Me and my friend were planning for a break!! hope this is it!! Please help me out with a few queries!!

1. How far is this place from belgaum?

2. Public transport available to all these falls? If not please suggest me an alternative.


 In brief, Please give me a plan.



PUneeth Nv

Hopefully you got the

Hopefully you got the pointers Puneeth... looking forward to read your adventures now...

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