Wild (Part Six): Photographic Chronicles of Solo Winter (January) Trip to Spiti

Dhankar Gompa in the backdrop of snow filled rivers
Not very far from the entrance (diversion) of Pin Valley lies the monastery of Dhankar which is known for its dramatic and precarious settings. Monastery is perched over a fragile ridge. It is also a vantage point to watch over the splendid confluence of Pin river and Spiti. Mane which is opposite to Dhankar is Jijme's village and he wanted to go to Dhankar to visit relatives and here i got a chance to stroll along the lanes of villages of Dhankar during desolated winters. It was overcast, cold, dreary and gloomy.

Enroute at Lingti, I was struck by a frozen waterfall. captivating sight it was captivating.

Frozen waterfall at Lingti

On the bank of River Spiti

Road to Dhankar

Prayer flags on a hairpin bend..

Prayer Flags in a dreary landscape

Welcome to Dhankar

Went to new monastery where Jijme met some lamas and they offered us tea and biscuits.

New Monastery Dhankar

While Jijme was busy chatting with lamas, I went out to visit the old monastery and walk on the snow-covered slippery lanes of Dhankar. Once a vivid water stream was now frozen and was hidden somewhere

Water underneath may be


Icicles near Dhankar


Mud houses strewn in Dhankar


Snow filled Dhankar Spiti


From the top of the Dhankar monastery, i renounced myself to the mesmerizing confluence of Pin and Spiti River. Once again.

Confluence of Pin and Spiti River

Then attempted to reach Dhankar lake but trail was blocked by partially frozen water streams

Trek to Dhankar Lake

Snow-covered pastures

Snow over once pasture fields

One last view of Dhankar monastery before we made our way back ..

Dhankar Gompa during winters

Now hunger struck and Jijme suggested to visit yet another relative at Tabo who was supposed to feed us with rice, dal and other stuff. so we took the detour to Tabo, sit on the bank of spiti, another monastery village of Spiti valley. Jijme's relatives were extremely generous and offered us delicious meal with lots of butter, much needed in that inclement weather.

Road to Tabo

NH 22 during Winters


Tabo bridge in the month of January


Herding sheep

Herding sheep in the snowland

After the precious meal, headed my way out and visited the monastery. It was part closed and part open. Went inside the main temple and attended the prayers.

Tabo monastery during winters


Snow in and around Tabo monastery

Hiked little up to the Buddhist caves

Waving prayer flags near Tabo Caves


Tabo on the bank of frozen spiti


Fluttering prayer flags

Dust broke in that overcast evening and i could not realize the transition. Jijme and I proceeded our journey back to Kaza. In between, there was haunting silence of a river and unwavering Buddhist Stupas.

Aah did i mention ??,,,, Jijme's own Maruti Alto went kaput finally in the middle of nowhere. He was bit embarrassed but when i told him "Jijme, you are the best driver i ever traveled with, he smile back with usual giggle... amazing fellow he is...

fortunately I got a ride to Kaza in a government vehicle and escaped spending night in the car in highly unfavorable weather conditions.

Buddhist Stupa near Tabo


Haunting Silence of a River

Hi Vishnu what a great

Hi Vishnu what a great adventure. I would like to get in touch with you regrding a novel I am writing. 

Please let me know if it is ok to contact you!



Sure... you can reach me at

Sure... you can reach me at vishnu.kumar7@gmail.com

Mindblowing clicks !!! WOW,

Mindblowing clicks !!! WOW, what a crazy adventure it must have been. 

Hey Shubham..Thanks for your

Hey Shubham..Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by.

Hi Vishnu,   Amazing

Hi Vishnu,


Amazing adventure trip. Thaanks for sharing this amazing experience.

Thanks Sachin. Keep dropping

Thanks Sachin. Keep dropping by.

This entire series, Wild, is

This entire series, Wild, is amazing work. Loved every post in this series. Guess I cannot resist visiting Spiti in winters now, it looks so different and all the more fascinating.

Thanks Shikha... You must

Thanks Shikha... You must visit Spiti in the winters. It would be amazing. Smile

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