Tramping Andaman Archipelago: So long to GREEN Memories

Bus approached to South Andaman and to the city from where it all started…Port Blair… I lodged into the same place and fortunately got the cheaper room… With Diglipur, pleasant weather turned to the past and I was again dealing with the humidity of Port Blair…Soon after unrolling my backpack and lime water, I headed to cellular jail which I missed during my earlier stay at Port Blair.
Cellular Jail National Memorial
                                                Cellular Jail National Memorial

08-45 AM to 12:30 PM,
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (Lunch break),
01:30 PM-05:00 PM (Entree tickets will be issued only up to 04:15 PM

Entree fee: 10 INR, 25 INR for camera
Light and sound show: Remains open on all days of the year.
6:00 PM (Hindi), 7:15 (English and Hindi on alternate days)
20 INR for adults and 10 INR for children


Cellular Jail Port Blair
                                                Cellular Jail Port Blair
The Cellular jail, the Indian Bastille, stands as a mute witness to the untold sufferings, valiant defiance and undaunted spirit of the firebrand revolutionaries against the brutalities of the British Barbarism. The name "Cellular" is derived from its unique feature of having 693 cells, each one measuring 13.6*7.6 feet. The construction of the jail was taken up in October 1893 and completed in 1906 at an estimated cost of Rs 5,17,352-/
Massive Strangler fig Ross Island
                                     Massive Strangler fig Ross Island
As a mark of respect to the freedom fighters, the cellular jail was dedicated to the nation by the then prime minister Shri Morar ji Desai on 11th Feb 1979 and now it stands as a national memorial of great historical importance.
Ross Island from the top of Cellular Jail
                                      Ross Island from the top of Cellular Jail
Cellular Jail is quite an engaging site and tells a lot about freedom fighter movement in the independence of India. Though majorly devastated and abandoned, Cellular Jail is quite a splendid architecture. Galleries inside the complex are quite informative and showcase some rare manuscripts from the pre-independent India. Located on the 3rd floor of a wing, Cell of Vir Savarkar is one prime attraction of the historical complex. Tourists are also allowed to reach the roof of the wings which offer spectacular view of shoreline and Ross Island.  If visited thoroughly, Cellular Jail can easily consume your 2-3 hours…Quite enriching and worth visiting… In fact Cellular Jail (Kala Pani) is the only reason why most of Indians are aware of these distant Islands and consider these as a part of India.. I wanted to attend the light and sound show for which I heard really good reviews from locals but retreated back to my hotel room in search of good food.
Ross Island Port Blair
                                            Ross Island Port Blair
While tramping around the Islands of Andaman, I lost some weight and was feeling weaker. A nutritious vegetarian dinner was now needed more than any time before. ..Fortunately got one which lie opposite to the Gurudwara…Paneer Sabji and Roti satisfied my appetite to some extent.. .Besides usual hunt for the dinner, my last evening in Andaman Islands went in meaningless meandering around the Jetty stand and promenade… Another day, onshore breeze was relentlessly trying to cool the warm and damp atmosphere of the Island…After shutting down their shops, city-dwellers making their way back and waiting desperately for another monsoon.. Very far somewhere in north Andaman, wood gatherers must be returning back home after another hard day in the tropical forest… In between those intermittent flashes, I saw Diglipur and still see it… Diglipur is missed and I knew it…
Roots tangled in ruin
                                            Roots tangled in ruin
Returned back to dark room where ceiling fan was cutting the wind ruthlessly yet making no difference to the comfort and I slumbered again…Next morning I checked out before marking my way to Ross Island which was indeed the last sightseeing of the Islands.  Not far from the coast of Port Blair town, Ross Island is quite a popular sightseeing among domestic travelers. Ross Island can be reached on 15 minutes ferries those regularly run between Jetty (Behind aquarium) and Ross Island.
Overgrown tree on the ruins

Overgrown tree on the ruins


Boats to Ross Island (Except Wednesday, from Jetty behind Aquarium, starts at 9:00 PM)- 90 INR per person.
Ross Island Entrée fee: 20 INR, 10 INR for camera.
** Early morning is the best time to visit Ross Island to avoid heavy tourist rush**

Reminiscent of Ross Island
                                           Reminiscent of Ross Island
Erstwhile capital of Andaman Islands, Ross Island is now a deserted tourist site with dilapidated structures from the colonial past of these Islands. Ross Island was badly devastated by the Earth quake of 1945 and now ruins of those historical buildings covered with overgrown jungle are the prime attractions of the Island. Museum near the Jetty stand offers quite an insight about the past of Ross Island and presents a glimpse of how it looked in its good times. Quirkily tangled with the roots of huge banyan trees, remnants of these buildings look quite fascinating and eerie at the same time. Absurdity of the Island certainly instills the curiosity of its visitors and makes them struggle more for information. Among the ruins of old buildings, Presbyterian Church is the most prominent one and identifiable to some extent.
Presbyterian Church
                                               Presbyterian Church
The Presbyterian Church was a protestant church built of stone and the windows had frames made of Burma Teak. The Glass panes behind the Altar were made of beautifully etched stained glass from Italy. The quality of the wood was so good that it survived the vagaries of weather for over a hundred years. A small structure south of the church was built to accommodate the parsonage.
Beachside of Ross Island
                                               Beachside of Ross Island
Before taking the boat back to Port Blair, I strolled along the palm fringed promenade which runs on the periphery of the Island. Surprisingly Ross is one of few palm fringed islands of the archipelago. Soon after deboarding from Ross, I walked inland and folded my belongings to continue my journey to main land India. Andaman Islands can easily consume a month if visited thoroughly and I was bit disappointed of missing the south Andaman and other off-beat destinations. Despite of absolute liking, Saying Good bye is the deep rooted nature of travelers and I was leaving Andaman with that frowning curiosity of untraveled a lot. With a bright hope of coming back, I was on my way back to uncertainty… from the boats to the roads of unfamiliar destinations…garnished with a new color of memories…. GREEN….

Tramping Andaman Archipelago: In Chronological Order


Tramping Andaman Archipelago: Port Blair, The Capital

Tramping Andaman Archipelago: Mount Harriet & Wandoor Beach

Tramping Andaman Archipelago: Neil Island

Tramping Andaman Archipelago: Cycling to Kalapathar Beach, Havelock

Tramping Andaman Archipelago: Radhanagar and Elephant Beach Havelock

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Tramping Andaman Archipelago: Reaching Diglipur

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Tramping Andaman Archipelago: So long to GREEN Memories

Vishnu ...Brilliant

Vishnu ...Brilliant travelogue ...wishing you greater moments ....My travel days are over atleast the pack pack days ...age health and family .....We are a family of 4 (self + wife kids two teenage boys ) planning atrip for 7 /8 days to Andamans during april 2016 .

I would appreciate your suggestions ....


1 Can we skip Neil Island and instead spend 3 nights at Havelock (I guess we can do a day excursion to neil if its must )

2 I would love to visit Smith Islands but the road trip of one full day is putting me off it possible to to reach Smith island from Rangat /


3 Is there anything intresting near Rangat (I have my collegmate living in Rangat thinking of surprising him after 30 odd years so dont want to ask him )


4 Is there any other day trips from PB to nice beaches Islands ...I want to avoid the the group travle crowds in usual touristi places /beaches 


5 We are looking for time at the beaches ....lot of sea food local preferably .....


6 Want to do a bit of snorkling and under sea walking place should do Havelock the best option ?


Please advice .








Yes. Havelock for 3 days is a

Yes. Havelock for 3 days is a good plan. Neil Islands as a day trip might not be possible considering the schedule of Ferry.

Ross and Smith Islands are very far. no point making this trip if you are in Andaman for 7-8 days.

Wandoor is a nice beach. about Islands, there are few in the south but frequency of ferry is less.

Considering your preferences, Havelock is the best option.

Havelock once again for all water sports.

+- Vishnu

thanks very nice  very


very nice 

very usefull

Keep dropping by.

Keep dropping by.

I have been to the Andaman

I have been to the Andaman island twice. I had the opportunity to visit Andaman before and after the Tsunami hit the island. I am really glad to read this travelogue, Port Blair, the light show at the cellular jail and a nice sea food dinner. Thank you for bring back all the fond memories back to me Smile

Hi....Thanks for such a

Hi....Thanks for such a beautiful comment and glad to hear that i brought those memories back.... I am also deeply in love with these Islands... Wants to spend more time there....specially around South Andaman and Nicobar Islands.. Keep dropping by...

==== Vishnu

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