Blog on Gaumukh-Tapovan
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To 10 Day Driving Destinations from Tirthan
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TOP 10 Drives from Tirthan



In this article one will cover the top 10 drives from Tirthan Valley. All these destinations are rewarding for the traveler in you and can be done in a days tour per destination basing yourself in the beautiful Sunshine Himalayan Camp by the banks of River Tirthan.


Panjain Thachi Village

Welcome 2016: Bird Calendar
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Like past few years, this year also I am presenting my thematic 2016 e-Calendar. The theme this year is ‘Sitting Birds’. All these photographs have been clicked by me during the course of my travels to various places last year.

My love for mountains can never end. The more I explore, More I get into it, More It unfolds new love, Even my wife is suspecting me and always question me about my love for mountains. I had been planning for this trip with my family from February and was in touch with the local guy about the opening of this place which is called as the "Mini Switzerland Of India". I daily buzz him over the phone and like a small child inquire about the opening of chopta and the activities they people do.

Satyam Shivam Sundram…Verbatim is not enough when Truth, Beauty, Eternity and Devotion can be seen all together. If by any chance you see it, you can very well name it as “Shiva", All in one.

*******/Presenting A Teaser Of My Journey To Kartik Swami Temple/******

From a very long time my mind has made a vibe to visit some lovely located destination in and around Himalayas where I can rest a bit from this chaotic crowd and spend my time with these enchanting ranges which someway or the other surely connects me and the supreme power. My love for Himalayas started when I visited Manali six months ago. from then only, I have decided that no matter what I will surely arrange and gift myself with various trips that would ease my mind and give calmness to the inner soul.

          I consider it to be one of my basic rights to choose a peak, a place or a location in Western Ghats when obliged to plan a trip, trek or an outing.