Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahual valley of Himachal Pradesh are the delight to the travelers who welcome thrill and adventure while exploring the less traveled treasure of Himalayas. These are one of the most challenging roads of Indian subcontinent and at times breath-taking. It is utmost important to plan your itinerary meticulously, outline your destinations, overnight stops, pit stops before cruising into treacherous terrain of Lahual & Spiti else you may miss some of the incredible attractions of these valleys and return back with frowning curiosity. I have drafted this chart to help you planning your trip to Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahaul. I tried to highlight all the key attractions (Please comment if I missed any) of this region. I am also attaching comprehensive maps of Himachal and Spiti valley. Along with these maps, this document is an indispensable printout (and your best companion) during your trip….. All the very best…

                                             PLACE ENROUTE AND STAGES BETWEEN

                                    KEY MONASTERY - LOSAR - KUNZUM - MANALI - DELHI





Delhi – Shimla



Shimla - Narkanda (2708 m)


Stop here for capturing scenic view of Satluj River

Narkanda - Rampur (1005 m)



Rampur - Jeori (1250 m)



Jeori - Sarahan (2165 m)


Famous for Bhimakali Temple and apple orchards. Buy apples, apricots

Petrol -Narkanda, Kingel, Rampur, Jeori

Public Transport: There are frequent busses (Once in an hour) of Himachal Roadways & Private operators from Shimla to Rampur and then there are few busses (Once in two hours) from Rampur to Sarahan. In the night, bus service to Sarahan is not available.

Road is decent till Jeori on this stretch of Hindustan-Tibet (NH-22) Road

Average Speed: 30 Km per hour

Accommondation :Shimla - (HPTDC & Private Hotels), WFH-Hotel, Fagu-HPTDC Hotel & Private Hotels, Narkanda - HPTDC & Private Hotels, Private Hotels in Rampur - RH, Sarahan - HPTDC Hotel + Bhimakali Temple Rest House + Private Hotels.

Sarahan - Sangla (2680 m)


Picturesque town on the bank of Baspa River

Sangla - Chitkul (3480 m)


Last inhibited village of India on Indo-Tibet Border. Inspires the awe-within you.

Petrol -Tapri, HRTC

Public Transport: Busses to Sangla are available from Rampur and Rekong Peo. Both Private and Government busses run on this route.

2 busses in a day ply between Chitkul to Sangla.

Road is in bad condition from Karchham Dam onwards.

Average Speed: 20 Km per hour

Accommondation :Bhawa Nagar (PWD, RH), Tapri - (PWD, RH), Karchham - (PWD, RH)+Private Hotels, Sangla - (PWD, FRH, HPSEB) + Private Hotels, Chitkul – Couple of accommodation options available

Chitkul - Recongpeo (2290 m)


District Head-quarter of Kinnaur Valley, Stop here for getting permit to Shipki-La if you want to visit there. Permit is issued from DC office.

Recong Peo - Kalpa (2900 m)



Petrol -Powari (No Petrol after Powari only at Kaza, Tandi, Keylong)

Public Transport: There are frequent busses (Once in 2 hour) to Rekong Peo from Sangla and then frequent busses to Kalpa (Once each hours) from Rekong peo

Road till Kalpa is decent after Karchham dam

Average Speed: 20 km per hour

Accommondation:Recong Peo (PWD, RH), Kalpa - (PWD, RH + HPTDC Hotel) and Private Hotels.

Kalpa - Puh (2837 m)



Puh - Khab (2831 m)


May consider visiting Shipki-La (5669 m) which is some 30 km detour from Khab. Permissions are required. Shipki-la is the very place from where Satluj enters to India from Tibet.

Khab - Nako (3800 m)


Known for an old monastery and Lake.

Nako - Yangthang (3662 m)



Yangthang - Chango (3658 m)


Apple Orchards and Unique irrigation system for watering the crops.

Chango - Samdo ( 3230 m)


May Consider visiting Sugar Point/Lepcha (Tibet Border) Samdo-Kaurik (Sugar Point): 17 km, Kaurik-Lepcha: 7 km Permissions required from ITBP check post Samdo



There is small detour (8 km right) towards Gue before Hoorling. Gue is known for the mummy of a Lama which is thousands of years old.

Hoorling - Tabo (3050 m)


Famous for a thousand year old monastery which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site

Petrol -Not available on this route (Get your tank full at Rekong Peo)

Public Transport: From Rekong Peo, There is just one bus to Kaza in a day. You can try your luck in hitch-hiking or Shared jeeps.

Road is quite treacherous in this stretch.

Average Speed: Leave it

Accommondation:Morang - RHm Akpa - RH, Puh - RH, Nako- Hotels, Rest house, Yangthang - RH, Sumdo - RH, Tabo - (RH + HPTDC's, Tourist INN) + Private Hotels.

Tabo - Poh (3150 m)



Pah - Atargo (3250 m) (for Potak/Dhankar)


Take a detour (7 km) to Dhankar, famous for monastery and Dhankar lake.

Attargo - Kaza (3600 m)


Head-quarter of Spiti Valley.

Kaza-Langza (4400 m)


Hamlet settled in lovely backdrop




Hikam-Komic (4513 m)


Highest Village of Asia as of now

Kaza – Key Monastery (4116 m)


Famous monastery of Spiti Region

Key Monastery - Kibber (4205 m)


Used to be the highest village of Asia.

Kibber - Kaza (3600 m)



Petrol –Available in Kaza

Public Transport: 2 busses from Tabo to Kaza everyday, 1 bus to Ki/Kibber (5:00 PM) from Kaza everyday, No public transport on Langza & Komic route.

Let’s not talk about the roads.

Average Speed: You will always reach the maximum….. possible

Accommondation :Poh - (PWD, RH), Kaza - (PWD & FRH, Banjara Retreat, HPTDC's, Tourist Lodge and other Private Accommondation. Home stays available in Dhankar, Komic, Langza

Kaza - Rangrik (3700 m)



Rangrik - Khurik (3750 m)



Khurik - Sumling (3790 m)



Sumling - Murang (3800 m)



Murang - Hula (3845 m)



Hula - Pangmo (3896 m)



Pangmo - Kiato (3964 m)



Kiato - Hanse (3950 m)



Hanse - Losar (4079 m)



Losar - Kunzam Pass (4551 m)


(visit Chandratal Lake from Kunzam Pass ), It would be 8 km both ways

Kunzam Pass - Batal (3560 m)


Another base to trek Chandra Tal and it would be 10 km one way

Batal - Chhota Drara (3690 m)



Chhota Drara - Bara Drara (3690 m)



Bara Drara - Chhatru (3560 m)



Chhatru - Gramphoo (3200 m)



Gramphoo-Rohtang pass(3978 m)






Marhi-Manali (2050 m)




Petrol –Not available on this route


Public Transport: 2 busses (4:30 AM, 7:00 AM) ply between Kaza to Manali everyday during Summers till Kunzum pass is open.

It is the worst stretch on this road. Small vehicles are not recommended to go beyond Batal on this road. Water streams and rocks can damage your vehicle severely.

Average Speed: Just let it pass


Accommodation:Rest houses are available at Losar and Batal.


Monastery Trek: Dhankar – Lalung – Demul – Komic – Hikam – Langza - Tashingang- Kibber- Chicham (3- 5 days hiking)

Kaza to Pin Valley (An extension to pin valley)

Kaza-Guling: 32 km
Guling-Kungri (3520 m): 2 km
Guling-Sangam-Mud: 25 km

Daily Bus to Mud departs from Kaza at 4:00 PM


Download Indispensable Map of Himachal Pradesh


Map of Lahaul and Spiti District


Special Thanks: Arun Khanna for consolidating gold-mine of Information about this trail. You are certainly an expert of Himachal Pradesh and without your help, It would have not been possible.

Hi  We are planning in Nov


We are planning in Nov 1-10 from Kasol to nako is it adviced to go around that time??

Hi We r planing a trip in Aug


We r planing a trip in Aug for spirit valley

I just want enquire that is it safe travelling from manual to animal via spirit valley with a 8yr old kid .

The road qualities or other hassles

manual to animal ?? what is

manual to animal ?? what is this ?, Is this a car model ?

Hi, can you tell me the best

Hi, can you tell me the best time possible to visit this route with respect to:


1. Good Road conditions(without any flashfloods/ rain etc.)

2. Less traffic(to enjoy the scenery rather than concentrating on the traffic)

Planning to undertake the trip in August-end but flexible with the dates till end-September depending upong your suggestions. Self drive in Swift ZXi. Number of days is not an issue.

Appreciate your assistance.





End of september would be my

End of september would be my recommendation.

Hi, I want to start my trip

Hi, I want to start my trip to leh from 28 July, route I want to follow is Delhi-shimla-nako-kaza-leh with Swift deisel. Pls share can we plan this route. It is safe to drive Swift in this route. 

HI    Yes you can follow this



Yes you can follow this Route with Swift only u may face some problem in Losar due to water crossing. i have visit these places in Alto.

I agree with your comment.

I agree with your comment. Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Vishnu, Your blog is

Hi Vishnu,

Your blog is really  informative and helpful.

I am Sandip from Kolkata.We are planning for Simla--Saharan---Sangla----Chitkul---Kalpa  from 5th Oct to 12th oct.

We are having 3yr kid, will there be any problem for our daughter at Chitkul for high altitude and cold?  

 Awaiting  your kind reply.


Chitkul is not a high

Chitkul is not a high altitude place and rarely you would see anyone having AMS problem at Chitkul. With respect to Cold, yes, October can be chilly in the night and in the morning. rest seems fine to me.

+- Vishnu

Hi  I am planning to visit


I am planning to visit Lahaul Spiti valley from Narkanda side and ed up at Manali via Chandra Taal. Please tell me how many days should  I keep in hand? Also from where do I need to hire a car? Can I get it from Narkanda? I would prefer budget travelling and my wife and kid (4 yr old, she can really withstand cold) will be with me. Ideally I won't mind bus rides. But I have heard that bus rides on this stretch are not comfortable. Moreover, I won't like if the roads are dusty and smoky due to car smoke emissions. Because I am going out of city and would expect only fresh air. Could you please tell ne if roads are good and bus rides are advisable? Finally, I am planning the trip around last week of July and first week of August. Will there be monsoon then? Thanks for your suggestions!


Yes, July and August are

Yes, July and August are monsoon season so not the best time to venture into this part. Landslides and downpour is common. Coming on other questions, Yes you can hire a private vehicle from Narkanda as well. Bus journeys in this stretch can be really exhausting. For number of days for entire tour, keep 10 days (busy schedule) if taking private vehicle and keep 15 days if taking buses etc.





Yes, There are many buses

Yes, There are many buses available from Delhi to Shimla.

Yes, it should be possible to carry bikes on these buses.

I have no idea about the rent of the car from Shimla to Tabo. Yes, lifts from Truck driver possible but depends on your luck always.

It's relatively safe place and people are helpful so no need to worry.

+- Vishnu

thnkyou very much ♥

thnkyou very much ♥

You are welcome.

You are welcome.

can u send me yours whatsapp

can u send me yours whatsapp no knowledge thi apse kaza jane ke liye my whatsapp is 7355755415 plz reply

very usefull information who

very usefull information who are planning for Kalpa Kaza tour

thankyou for sharing 

Thanks for your comment..

Thanks for your comment.. keep dropping by...

Hi Vishnu ji good evening I

Hi Vishnu ji good evening

I with my friend planing to visit Leh via Simla, lahul Spiti, kinnor ect. on 14june 2017 we will start from Delhi and we have 12 days. Traveling by XUV 500 kindly suggest us the stops and places of interest to cover via this route. Roads in this route would be open at that time and how many destination should we cover.please healp

Sorry for the late response.

Sorry for the late response. I hope you had good trip.

We are starting this journey

We are starting this journey tomorrow and we thankyou for this list. Route is chandigarh - shimla - Kinnaur - Sangla - Chitkul - Kalpa - Kaza - spiti - lahaul - chandertal - Manali - Chandigarh. 

I wish you good luck with

I wish you good luck with your trip and I hope you enjoyed it.

Hi Vishnu....awesome

Hi Vishnu....awesome blog!!....I'm planning a 8 days tour to lahaul spiti n kinnaur in last week of September.... Can u help me choose d best scenic locations that I can cover in 8 days time without MUCH HASSLE.... I'll b very thankful if u can give d best scenic  route..also is it possible to cover kailash kinnaur in same tour?

I would suggest to keep

I would suggest to keep Chitkul, Sangla and Kalpa in the list. these are the highlights and very laid back villages. Kinnaur Kailash is a mountain trek so I am not sure if you can really include trekking in this span. You can see the mountain from Kalpa...

Hi Vishnu,  I will start from

Hi Vishnu, 

I will start from shimla on Tuesday morning, night stay in Reckongpeo, Wednesday early morning starting, night stay in Tabo, then Thrusday morning start for Batal via Geu and Dhankar. Nigh stay in Batal after visiting Chandratal and then friday morning will start for Manali via Kunzum and Rohtang.

Is it feasable to do the do the whole in 4 days? Specially if I leave from tabo at 6AM and in between visit Dhankar monastery and Geu mummy and then go to Chandratal? We don't need to visit Kaza as it's already done. 

How much time it will take to reach Batal from Tabo/Dhankar?

Do you have any number of Tabo PWD guest house?

I hope you had good trip.

I hope you had good trip. Tabo to Batal in a day is quite hectic. Geu is on one direction and Dhankar is on another so You can planning to cover really a long distance in single day. May not be possible considering you are reaching late near Kunzum.

We are planning to visit

We are planning to visit Kalpa-Kannuar range in mid of October 2017, would like to cover the following destination from 19.10.2017 to 31.102.2017.

1) Shimla 2) Sarahan 3) Sangla  4) Kalpa 5) Chitkul 6) Tabo  7) Nako Cool Kaza

Please let me know whether it is possible to travel with a 11 year old child and cover all the destination.

Whether the tour will be hectic.

As per your expereince please let me know about the weather during that time

Whether I will be able see snow-capped mountain

Whether it will be possible to visit Chitkul during that time




October is best season.

October is best season. Weather would be pleasant but evenings would be colder. Yes, you would see snow-clad mountains and I do not think there is any problem visiting this circle with 11 year old kid.

Thanks Vishnu for your

Thanks Vishnu for your comment. Please let me know how long it will take to from Kaza to manali by own vehichle.

I think it is 8-9 hours if

I think it is 8-9 hours if you get no traffi jams..

Hi Vishnu,  I will start from

Hi Vishnu, 

I will start from delhi on Monday night and will be reaching saraha on Tuesday evening via shimla​. Is it possible to reach Tabo on Wednesday evening if we start early from sarahan. On Thursday we want to see dhankar monestry and will go towards batal and will spent some time near chandratal. Overnight at batal and then on Friday morning we will go to manali via rohtang.

The trip we have planned​ in the first week of July. Kindly suggest on the on the whole plan and also do let me know is there any places to stay in batal apart from the dhaba? Can u help me with any car rental service number? 

Please note, we will not go to kaza, kalpa etc as itz already done. 

Regards alakananda

Delhi-Shimla-Sarahan in 24

Delhi-Shimla-Sarahan in 24 hours in possible.

Sarahan to Tabo in a single day of driving is possible

Tabo-Dhankar-Batal in a single day is also possible but would be bit hectic.

Few years back Batal has limited accommodation options but now it might be having more. I do not know any car rental service number which might be useful.

+- Vishnu

Hi I am planning this trip


I am planning this trip fron 23 june onward. Please advise if batal to manali will be possible in june end. Anyway it's a great blog and very informative. 


Yes, there are high chances

Yes, there are high chances that Kunzum would be open by then...

Hi, we are planning to travel

Hi, we are planning to travel till Kaza from Shimla with kids aged 9 and 6 from May 26th. Is it possible to do the 10 day trip without a problem with kids? We will miss chandratal too i am told.

I do not think there would be

I do not think there would be any problem traveling to Spiti in May with kids. Temperature might drop low in the night so prepare for that. rest would be fine.

Hello Vishnu! Can your Kaza

Hello Vishnu!

Can your Kaza tour be done during the 3rd and 4th week of October?




Hello Vishnu! You have truly

Hello Vishnu!

You have truly lived upto your name - Vishnu! Is it possible to do your Kaza tour during the 3rd and 4th week of October?




Yes... Thanks for your

Yes... Thanks for your comment, keep dropping by...

Hi Vishnu, Thanks for the

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for the nice blog, it is very informative. I am planning to go to Spiti Valley starting from 20th May 2017 (From Gurgaon) and coming back to 28th May 2017. I intend to follow Shimla via Kinnur route till Kaza. I am travelling alone by my Swift VXI car. I have couple of questions, I am looking for a scenic and peaceful place where I can spend couple of days during this time, so any suggestions, also not very keen to cover the entire circuit if it  difficult. As I am riding on my Swift car can you tell me if the journey is possible with this car and being alone would be fine too. Which are the segments in the circuit where I need to be careful with my car or otherwise, I mean quality of roads etc. As Kunzum pass may not be open during this time I will be back from the same route as well.

Roads are bad beyond Rekong

Roads are bad beyond Rekong Peo...Chitkul and Kalpa are nice places to spend couple of days.

Hi Vishnu, Thanks for a nice

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for a nice blog and very helpful. Can you please tell me in 10 days what are the best places to cover from the above you mentioned.

Spiti + Tabo + Kaza, kalpa-Peo-Sangla-Chitkul. 

Secondly, what are the activities which we can do at these places instead of visiting temples, monastries, scenic beauty

And we are planning to go in july end or 1st week of august. will rainy season have any impact on the trip?

And is it safe for 2 girls trip?




Trip is safe for 2 girls.

Trip is safe for 2 girls. Yes, rainy season has impact on this trip. Landslides and flash floods are common during monsoon time. I would not suggest to go there in July. August mid is good time. Other than visiting monasteries, you can do day hikes. 10 days would be little tight if you want to visit all the places using public transport.

Could you please let me know

Could you please let me know a good reasonable reliable Taxi contact (Innova) from Chandigarh to Kalpa and drop at Delhi for 9 days.

Thanks so much.

I do not have any number for

I do not have any number for the taxi from Chandigarh but i guess it would not be difficult to find one.

Hi Vishnu, We are planning to

Hi Vishnu,

We are planning to visit Shimla, Sangla, Kalpa, Chitkul, Tabo, Kaza from Delhi from 26th May onwards for a period of 5-6 days. Do you think 5-6 days are enough to cover all those. Give your opinion which should be best places to visit and which could be left.


No.. 5-6 days would be

No.. 5-6 days would be over-kill.. I would suggest you to limit yourself to Kinnaur (Chitkul, Sangla etc) if you have 5-6 days.

Hi Vishnu,   Planning a road

Hi Vishnu,


Planning a road trip to Spiti on self drive around 5th June 2017. Last year had been upto Nako. The sletch itinerary is as below -

Day 01 - Delhi To Sarhan. I know this would be a bit streneous, but I plant to have an early start around 4.30 - 5.00 am.

Day 2 - Sarhan to Sumdo. Wish to waste minimum time before Nako as have visited, Sangla, Rakcham, Chitkul, Kalpa last year. 

Day 3 - Sumdo to Lepcha / Kaurik (subject to permission availability on the spot) and drive to Kaza visiting Gue and Tabo Monastery enroute. Overnight Kaza.


Now till here a few queries - 

1) Day 2 travel is possible ? Staying options is Sumdo with attached toilet ? Or is Tabo a better option to stayat instead of Sumdo ? In that case would the drive from Sarhan to Tabo be possible ? Then Kaurik / Lepcha would be left out, what is your suggestion ?

2) Is the ITBP generous with permissions to visit Kaurik / Lepcha ? More importantly can Sumdo - Lepcha - Kaurik - Sumdo - Gue - Tabo - Kaza be done the same day with all the stops in between ?

3) Can Dhankar also be visted on the same day enroute ? Will time permit ?

Back to the itinerary -

Day 04 - Kaza - Key - Khibber - Kaza. Overnight Kaza

Day 05 - Kaza - Mud - Kaza. Overnight Kaza

Day 06 - Wanna head to Manali. Is Kaza - Manali possible the same day with a visit to Chandratal ? Your suggestions ?

Kindly advise. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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