Pushkar City : A Glittering Diamond of Rajasthan

Pushkar Lake and 52 Ghats encircling it, Pushkar Rajasthan
                                                         Pushkar Lake and 52 Ghats encircling it
Pushkar is sacred to Hindus and located 11 km west to Ajmer. The lake at Pushkar is believed to have been created by Lord Brahma himself. According to Hindu mythology “no pilgrimage is complete without a visit to Pushkar.”Today there are as many as 500 temples in Pushkar and the lake is circled by 52 ghats. Pushkar is also the hosting site for one of the largest cattle fairs in the world (for 12 days) which takes place sometime in November. The cattle fair is believed to be the most colorful in the world.
 Pushkar City : A Desert Rose Pushkar Rajasthan
                                                                 Pushkar City : A Desert Rose
Places to See:
Pushkar Lake, Temple of Lord Brahma and Shiva, Manmahal, Pushkar Fair.
 Pushkar City : A Desert Rose Pushkar Rajasthan
                                                                    Pushkar Lake and Mountains
Pushkar Lake:
Pushkar Lake, said to have formed miraculously when lord Brahma, the first part of Hindu trinity, dropped the lotus at that stop. Pushkar lake water is said to contain sulphur and other minerals of medicinal value which cure many diseases. A very large number of devotees take bath in the lake. On the last day of the Pushkar fair, people make oblation of cooked rice to their manes.

It is a respected and unspoken request that visitors should remove their shoes at a reverential distance from the lake, and refrain from smoking and taking photos.
Pushkar City : Main Lane
                                                                     Pushkar City : Main Lane
Temple of Lord Brahma and Shiva:
There are five important temples at Pushkar. It is said that they had suffered a lot at a hands of idol breaker Aurangzeb. One of these temples is dedicated to Brahma. It’s the oldest and most loved and venerated temple. The other is that of savitri. These two temples are monuments of women’s obstinacy.
A story runs that the temple of brahma is situated at the place where Lord Brahma performed the Yajna. it is said that the consort of brahma did not reach the ‘yagya’ in time. The yagya would not have been blessed and had it been performed by brahma alone. Brahma got annoyed. He immediately took another wife gayatri and performed the yagya.when savitri reached the place and saw what happened. She cursed the couple that they would not be worshipped anywhere. She herself got perched on a hillock. Perhaps Savitri’s curse has come true except in Pushkar, no temple is built for brahma throughout the country. The doors to the enshrined deity are shut between 1:30 to 3 PM the other temples that are visited most are Badri nayayan, Varah and Shiva Atmasteshwar. Lord Vishnu temple called Rangaji’s temple has fixed hours of worship.
Pushkar City Pushkar Rajasthan
                                                                              Pushkar City

Pushkar Passport: Red ribbon tied around the wrists is called the Pushkar passport which you can see in the wrists of many foreign travelers to Pushkar. Getting a Pushkar passport can be a ritzy affair if you got trapped into priest’s emotional blackmail and offered a hefty donation rather than a generous one.
Get your Pushkar passport as soon as possible which will then free you from further harassment by other priests. If you strongly feel about the same, you can lodge a complaint with tourist information center.
Ghats at Pushkar Lake Rajasthan
                                                                          Ghats at Pushkar Lake

Reaching Pushkar:
- From Jaipur Airport [144 Km]: There are frequent buses to Ajmer and Pushkar which takes 2 hours 30 minutes.
- From Ajmer Railway Station [11 Km]: There are frequent buses from Ajmer to Pushkar that takes less than 30 minutes and buses fare are 5-10 Rs per person.
  Private taxi would cost 300 Rs.
- Other than State buses, private firms run daily buses to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer etc.

Important Numbers:
Road Ways Enquiry, Pushkar 0145-2772008
Govt. Hospital, Pushkar 0145-2772029
Police Station, Pushkar 0145-2772046
Ajmer Bus Stand, Pushkar 0145-2772888
Tourist Information Bureau 0145-315714
Tourist Information 1364
RTDC Sightseeing 0145-371648

Pushkar is amazing place if

Pushkar is amazing place if you want to get secluded from some days... It is surrounded by dry hills... amazing town... less crowded... go there... sleep.. read books.. It's not that easy to write about such town... well done...

its agreat tour i done by ur

its agreat tour i done by ur eyes.'n'thankful to u.i will be ther soon as ur direction.thanks for u garima.

Good to know that its useful

Good to know that its useful for other travelers.

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