Agra Diaries: Lost Monuments

It was a juggling effort to rediscover the monuments those were lost under the bushes, wilted scrubs or the sprawls of huts...We traveled exhaustively across all the narrow lanes of the city and its surroundings...and here we are documenting the remnants of those splendid architectures on the verge of extinction.... and an attempt to ignite the bleak hope of restoring our past...
Kafur's mosque and stone horse
Kafur's mosque and stone horse (1605 A.D)

Location: It lies on Agra-Delhi Highway (NH 2) just in front of Gurudwara before Sikandra.

This small three-arched mosque surmounted by a dome, measures 13*10 feet. Behind it was set of rooms which have now dwindled. Its well has been filled up on a chabutarah near it, is a life-size red stone sculpture of a horse.
Stone horse
Stone horse
And on another a tombstone, there is a Persian inscription carved in relief on three panels above the arches. It records that itibari khan, who has a noble status by the grace of king jehangir built this mosque for khwajah kafur on the road (from agra to delhi) in hijri 1015/1605 a.d. itibar khan khawajasara was an important noble amd nazir (superintendent) of jehangir's harem. He was extremely loyal, true to his title 'itibar', and jehangir reposed total faith in him. He has admired him several times in his memoirs. Itibar khan was governor of agra in 1622. With charge of the defence of the Fort and the treasury, In 1623 when e rebel prince shah jehan tried to take agra, itibar khan successfully defended it against him. He was given the new title of mumtaz khan and mansab of 6000 zat and 5000 sawar. He died the same year. It seems that khwajah kafur was a sufi saint and itibar khan built this mosque for him and also a few living rooms and a well. The tomb near the stone horse seems, obviously, to be that of khwajah kafur and the stone horse. A replica of his pet horse, Itibar khans vast rauzah' (garden-tomb) was also situated in the neighborhood.

Speaking of locals, As a result of encroachment this monument is a disputed property and still waiting for its verdict.

Small Chhatri
Location: It lies on Billochpura road opposite asylum near Billochpura railway station.
Small Chhatri

Dhakri Ka Mahal
Location: A bit difficult to locate, Dhakri Ka mahal is situated in the middle of a dense colony which is known as Ghadi Bhhadoria, close to pratapnagar circle.
Dhakri Ka Mahal

Dhakri ka Mahal

Khans Gate
Location: It is situated in Gopalpura on MG road opposite to Agra college. Gopalpura is one of largest handicraft market of Agra.

Khans Gate Agra

Kandhari Begam
Location: It is very close to Eastern Gate (From Fatehabad road) of Taj Mahal on the way to Yamuna Ghat.
Kandhari Begam

Jawant Singh ki Chhatri: This monument again a bit hard to find where you will have to negotiate with narrow and nasty lanes of surrounding localities. Surprisingly Jawant Singh ki Chhatri has an interesting history but the inscriptions board from ASI has been taken away. It is also the farthest view point of Taj Mahal
Location: It lies on the bank of river yamuna near Balkeshwar temple.
Jaswant Singh ki Chhatri

Jasawant Singh ki Chhatri

Pahalwan's Tomb
Location: Another monument which is difficult to locate, Pahalwan's Tomb lies a bit offroute from Gwalior highway and some 4 km away from Sadar Market.
Pahalwan's Tomb

Gateway at Pul Changa modi
Location: Loha Mandi Agra
Gateway of Pul Changa Modi

Battish Khamba
Location: It is situated on the bank of river yamuna and very close to Ram bagh. There you no road connecting the monument so you need to walk on the river side to reach there.
Battish Khamba

Jhun Jhun Katora:
In the premises of Civil Court near MG Road
Jhun Jhun Katora Agra
Jhun Jhun Katora Agra
Burhia ka tal
An awe-striking monument which lies some 15 km away from Agra city on Agra-Kanpur higway before Etmadpur. Blessed with peaceful surroundings in the backdrop of beautiful villages, it is your best pick among the list of lost monuments. It is amongst the very few mughal monuments where tourists are allowed to visit the roof of the tomb.
Burhia Ka Tal

Burhia ka Tal

Inscriptions dating last century
Inscriptions dating last century at Burhia ka Tal

Tomb of Shekh Ibrahim Rasulpur: Geographically, it should not be enlisted as lost monuments of Agra. Rasulpur is a small village lying on Agra-Jaipur Highway. It is some 5 km away from Fatehpur sikri on the way to Bharatpur. Monument is conspicuous from the highway and there is a sign board directing towards the monument. Despite of its proximity from the highway, the route to the monument passes through narrow lanes of Rasulpur where you would not like to take risk of driving your vehicle. I would rather recommend you to park the vehicle on the highway and walk towards the monument. It is another monument near Agra under the status "Restoration work in progress". Though i could not find more information about the monument yet i certainly enjoyed negotiating with the narrow lanes of the village and deteriorated structure.
Tomb of Shek Ibrahim Rasulpur
                                                 Tomb of Shek Ibrahim Rasulpur

* There is no entree ticket or visiting hours for these monuments, however some of these are barricaded and trespassing is a punishable offense.

* On the records, These monuments are protected and conserved by the Archeological survey of India.

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You should try to find this:

You should try to find this:


I saw it and was flabberghasted by the state of it. Reach out to me and I can tell you where to find this.


It's the memorial to Amar Singh and his horse next to the moat of the Agra Red Fort.


Reached to the link mentioned

Reached to the link mentioned but could not understand much.

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