Thinking Particle | Terms of Usage and Conditions of Service

By using this website (, you agree to abide by the following simple rules and guidelines;We reserve the right to edit any and all content that has been placed on Thinking Particle.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service from time to time without notice and are retro active.

General Rules:

1- You certify that you are 13 years of age or over. All those individuals under 13 years of age will need a full release form from their parents before posting any material. This is in compliance with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).
2- Personal exposure. Anyone posting another members personal details or electronic details (emails, social networking links etc) without permission will be banned.
3- All material may be moderated or removed for foul language and commercialized promotional posts.
4- Always be respectful of other users, the system, and the moderators.
5- Links to adult content, pages with links to adult content, or material describing anything against internationally accepted laws will be removed as soon as appropriate.
6- You agree not to hold ThinkingParticle or it's members liable for anything stated within the forums or journals.
7-  In the event of a court order, or request from legitimate authorities, ThinkingParticle will co-operate and will divulge information such as IP address, email address. In other cases ThinkingParticle will protect it's members and their privacy as much as possible.
8-  You are responsible for your own posts and content uploaded, you are responsible for any repercussions faced by uploading any content.
9- Claims of action, flames, and calls to action against any company or person may be removed - again on a case by case basis.
10- Do not post email addresses in forum posts or blog entries (moderators will remove these when seen) - this is for your benefit not our - email addresses are harvested from web pages by spammers - and unfortunately placed on multinational spam databases - protect your privacy
11- Insults and/or exposure of personal information should not be made where the individual is identifiable - anywhere on ThinkingParticle. Eg. Do not upload photos of people and negatively comment on them if that person is identifiable. Do not post the full name (or give information that would make them easily identifiable) of someone and then proceed to insult or reveal details of their private lives (without permission).
12- Do not post content that is patently derogatory or demeans another person’s race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other status.
13- Blogs entries, images and accounts will be removed on request of the owner.

Submission Guidelines: Thinking Particle is a growing travel community of India and We always welcome travelers to share their experience with us by posting travel blogs, travel articles, group posts, images etc. As a credit, you are allowed to include a link to your website/blog/portfolio at the end of your post.

1- All content posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster.
2- You should hold the right to post any content in any form on our system, this means that if you are not the copyright holder of the content (photograph text etc) you must ensure that it is content in the public domain, or that you have permission to use the content.
3- Thinking Particle primarily focuses on destinations in Indian subcontinent however In some cases, travelers are allowed to post travel blogs about International destinations as well.
4- Submissions should be original content (should not have been published anywhere else).
5- We want our readers to get to know more about you. We will share your posts with large audience base on our social community pages as well. You are allowed to include an author’s bio at the end of the post containing 2-3 lines author’s bio and a link back to your portfolio/website/blog.

Forum Rules:

1- Be descriptive, specific, and succinct in your forum postings. People from all over the world read here with English as a second language.
2- No press releases, newsletters, web pages, images, or copyrighted content may be inserted into ThinkingParticle posts. Minor fair use excerpts of less than one paragraph (4 sentences) may be used if the content is publicly available. A link to the content is acceptable and appropriate.
3- Please don't drop promotional urls, signature files, nor specifics that would lead people to commercial sites. Signing your name is fine, however commercialized posts or resume signatures will be edited.
4- Please keep your language clean and decent. This includes personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities.
5- Please stay within the topic area of the forum you are posting a message in, and within any topic that another poster may have started.
6- Please try to choose a location as close to the actual location as possible
7- Since this is interactive, and everyone who participates in ThinkingParticle is "in it together", please treat others the way you wish to be treated. One way to guard against misunderstandings is to read over your response before you post it. Flaming: flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated. Should anyone use inappropriate language, start a personal attack, or engage in hate speech, they will be barred from all further discussions.
8- The forums and journals are not a venue for advertisements in any way. It will be the sole discretion of ThinkingParticle and its moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement.
9- Discussions about moderator or administrator actions are welcome in email or local private messages, but should not be discussed in public forums. This is out of respect for the members and moderators or policy involved.
10- Forum posts and topics will only be removed at the discretion of the moderators - you can not un-say something in a conversation - the forum here is the same.
11- All forum posts should at the current time should be in English - this is due to the forum moderation responsibilities - we need to ensure the topics are appropriate. (At some point other language forums may be introduced).

Photos and Videos:
1- Please be exclusive while uploading images on ThinkingParticle. DO NOT SPAM YOUR GALLERY WITH SIMILAR IMAGES.
2- You may only upload media to the ThinkingParticle Website where the you are the owner or copyright holder of the media or have explicit permission from the copyright holder.
3- Photos should not be uploaded if they are of other people in compromising situations (unless with permission) Nude photographs should not be included, pornographic or explicit images should not be uploaded - photos which break these rules will be removed at the moderators discretion. (Some exceptions can be made - regarding tribal dress)
4- Photos of people with insulting or inflammatory captions should not be added. Moderators may remove such photos with out notice.